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Postby Guest » 11/28/03 02:47 PM

Hi Folks

Just got the 'StationMaster Document' from Steve Freeman's download magic. Not really sure what to say about it without causing upset. However, I wondered from the mentalism experts out there who have seen this - is the idea really original? Very similar ideas seem to have appeared in Banachek's books.

The email from Download magic is, I must say, a lesson in advertising. That's all I'm going to say!


Postby Frank Yuen » 11/28/03 04:22 PM

You mean Steve Fearson don't you?

Frank Yuen
Frank Yuen
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Postby Guest » 11/28/03 07:24 PM

You can read about a similar effect here:
That's where they got the idea from I believe.

Yaniv Deautsch

Postby Guest » 01/26/04 12:08 AM

Hi DK,

NIcely put... Don't know if I could be as polite...

My first lesson in online advertising... and hopefully the last ;-)


Postby Guest » 01/30/04 10:48 AM

I have made "review" comments on this P.O.S. at Ted Lesley's, KJMagic, and MagicBunny... long story short Mr. Fearson has seemingly walked off the edge of a very high cliff. His personal actions (the fact that is now for sale and Steve has created a new web site for the World Church -- an entity mentioned in the SM manuscript that's akin to the Illuminati) and willingness to "prove" the conspiracy by meeting with an international group of investigators based in Europe (to my understanding)... well, it goes far beyond the limits of being a "joke" as some have suggested. His new web site offering a warning to parents about the evils of stage magic and how the magician's fellowship is intentionally twisting the "truth" around certain biblical teachings, paving the way for some Alien Anti-Christ... or so it seems.

The method revealed is not a new one. Similar thinking can be found in Corinda pg. 171 as well as other sources.

Bottom line, the whole thing sickens me and I'm rather well known for being a bit more open minded than others... especially when it comes to things metaphysical, bizarre, and strange.

Postby Tony Razzano » 01/31/04 07:44 AM

Political and religious issues aside,the method will most likely work. I think, though, that there are better and more convincing ways to accomplish the effect.
Best regards,
Tony Razzano
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Postby Guest » 01/31/04 02:26 PM

I don't really inderstand all the negative reaction. Fearson is a clever marketer; his target audience for the most part is the crowd--say, teenagers who are generally newcomers to magic and want to be appealed to in a contemporary way. What better way to get teenagers interested than to tell them that adults will disapprove.

Whether the product delivers or not, well, from what I gather, the method is usable, and though it may not be worth the price asked, there are plenty of over-priced products out there.

Fearson from the beginning has been an innovator in online magic retailing. He's getting lots of publicity out of this stunt. May all magicians be this creative.

Jack Shalom

P.S. Paul is dead. Check the album cover.

Postby Guest » 01/31/04 02:53 PM

Having read the Station Manager Document, I think much of the derogatrory comments are unfair, I think I have as much experience with mentalism and design duplication as most more than many
Is the design dupe method new? NO! Is it reworked cleverly , yes! It's a method , you can do impromptu at any time. With no preparation or special materials. For an experienced mentalist, this would teach little. For a novice, a great deal. The price, well at today's prices $25.00 is not high. I think of svengali decks costing a dollar but today closer to $10. Atomic light bulb used to sell for less than a buck, now six or seven dollars.
My only objection is the hyperbole used in the ad and continued for some reason in the MS.I call this the Doc Hilford school of advertising. But Hilford, I think would have charged more
As to the comments on Fearson's character, out of place in a review unless you feel he will take your money and not ship

Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/31/04 04:23 PM

Steve Fearson is a real jerk. First he put up a bogus webpage with the URL Note that it has only one "i" in genii. It was a homophobic piece of crap that ripped off all of Genii's trademarks and designs.
Now, if you go to the same website address you'll see his ad for The Stationmaster.
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Postby Guest » 01/31/04 05:19 PM

If you will read the following article

about Uri Geller you will get pretty much the idea behind Station Manager.
It is not original idea and i believe it will be difficult to trace the exact roots behind the method.
I believe it is possible to combine it with Ian Rowland's NMDD and my own The Wizard Is Dead effect to create something of a stunner.

Postby Guest » 02/01/04 02:49 AM

Just to add: The challenge from the IAOP (International Association of Psychics) looks a part of the advertisment campaign, and a figment of Fearson's marketing mind...

The site seems to be a stand alone page (as of this moment), not linked to anything. The SUBMIT button on the page is not having any script to post any enter into the login field...

Guess it's all part of the hyped up campaign... Just wondering what I am going to get in tomorrow's mail...


Postby Guest » 02/25/04 01:01 PM

Originally posted by Richard Kaufman:
Steve Fearson is a real jerk. First he put up a bogus webpage with the URL Note that it has only one "i" in genii. It was a homophobic piece of crap that ripped off all of Genii's trademarks and designs.
Now, if you go to the same website address you'll see his ad for The Stationmaster.
Be careful Richard, we're almost agreeing on something :D

Postby Guest » 08/12/04 03:38 PM

I just got an email from Steve Fearson as I get newsletters from It would appear that the president of the IAOP (International Association of Psychics) is challenging Steve regarding The StaionMaster Document. Steve Forwarded the email to his user list so they could see the challenge. Something does not seem right here though. As far as I can tell, the IAOP is not a legit outfit. They have a main webpage to login only, the server does not indicate there are any pages beyond the main page. I am not psychic, but my senses are telling me Steve is fabricating this entire thing to get people to buy this document. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that knows otherwise, or knows anything about the IAOP.

Postby Andy Hurst » 08/12/04 05:21 PM

If its marketing - I admire it. If it's for real then he's a whackjob.

But so what if he's selling some well known old principle for money? Sankey's been doing it for months. Only difference is, he markets more traditionally rather than claiming to be in league with aliens or jesus.

Andy Hurst
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Postby Vraagaard » 08/12/04 10:12 PM

Originally posted by Yaniv Deautsch:
You can read about a similar effect here:
That's where they got the idea from I believe.

Yaniv Deautsch
Well I guess he had it coming. Thats what happens when you claim to be the real thing. Much better not to claim phsycic powers and be left alone. I guess with every show he gives, at least one city newspaper will qoute that article.
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Postby Guest » 08/19/04 07:39 AM

Ok folks, my intelligence has been insulted by Mr Fearson. I posted above that I got an email from Steve regarding a challenge from some group called the IAOP (International Organization Of Psychics). I got 2 more emails since that 1. The 2nd one stated that they have agreed to a public chat at the IAOP website at 7pm on Tuesday night. Of course, no one was able to get to the chat as all it says is server busy. Funny, I work in telecom and the internet. I used my work tools to see what the bitrate was at that server and it had ZERO activity! Lo and behold, I got a 3rd email apologizing for the "Busy Server" and there was a link to the transcript for the chat. This was emailed by Steve. The part that gets me and really insults me is this chat continues to record what the IAOP president says even after Steve logged out. I find it impossible to and insulting that he would try and convince me a chat took place at a server with no BIT transfers, and then to send me a transcrpit that continues to record the chat AFTER he left.

My guess is this was a marketing gimmick to sell his product. IMO, it backfired, atleast for me as I don't believe he is being honest and I don't do business with dishonest people. Add my name to the list that KNOWS this guy for what he really is.

Postby Guest » 08/19/04 07:46 PM

Well, folks, there are wackos in every field of endeavor. I think magic has less than its quota... anyone ever tried dealing with roofers?

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