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Postby Guest » 02/03/06 02:14 PM

in P. Cavalli "Chairvelopes" (wonderful) the Author suggests the use of the Predator Wallet. Any alternative? I have "Mind Spy" and "The Outlaw Wallet" but it seems to me that they don't respond to the characteristics requested. Predator is surely a wonderful tool ( I say this because it comes from the brilliant mind of Wilson) but I would like to avoid to buy another wallet......
Thanks in advance for your suggestions/Fabio

Postby Dr Adrian Solon » 02/04/06 11:32 AM

Any multi-out wallet that will allow 4 small envelope outs will do. I use Larry Becker's Versadex wallet for Chairvelopes, but I think the Mind Spy should work just as well. The only difference in handling using Versadex or Mind Spy is the need to watch the angles when taking out the envelope so that the secret side is not seen.
Adrian Solon
Dr Adrian Solon
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Postby Fred Zimmerman » 02/06/06 10:04 AM

Heck, just use two Himbers. I've easily put two Himbers in one pocket, shown one, replaced it, and then taken out the appropriate one when the need arises. It can be done very cleanly.

Hope this helps.

Fred Zimmerman
Fred Zimmerman
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