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Instead of mentally projecting your mentalism thoughts, type them here.

Postby Guest » 10/25/04 10:04 AM

We have come up with a BRAND NEW mentalism effect that is one of the most direct routines ever put out! Imagine being able to draw a picture of a memory that someone is THINKING of without asking any questions! There is no cold readind, no "peeking" and is 100% correct every single time. I have listed it on ebay: Item number 5929838681.
Free shipping for now. This is a "sneak preview" of the trick before it goes to the various distributors!

Postby Steve Hook » 10/25/04 07:49 PM

Would you please post a link to the page?
Steve Hook
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Postby Guest » 10/26/04 01:15 PM

If you are interested why not just look yourself. It's not like you have to go out side and drive somewhere. Your occupation states that you deal with computers. Is it too hard to go to ebay and type in what you want. Any way I did it for you so you wouldn't strain yourself. ... 5929838681

Postby Steve Hook » 10/26/04 01:59 PM

Sphaleros ("jack of all trades...."):

Thanks for the link.

Actually, unknowingly, you hit the nail on the head: if MagicApple has a website and went to the trouble of typing in a long reference number, if he really wants to sell his product, he'd be better off posting the URL.

Thank God you were here to help out.

Steve H
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Postby Guest » 10/26/04 07:03 PM

Here is an updated link to the new ebay listing.
It will be on my site soon! ... RK:MESE:IT

Postby Terry_Holley » 10/29/04 05:39 PM

Your ad on eBay states:


If so, can you fill us in on what the 5 colored pieces of board are all about? The info supplied in the ad copy seems pretty vague to me.


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Postby Guest » 10/29/04 05:43 PM

There are various memories on the other side of the cards that the spectator will chose from! There are over 30 memories, once they have settled on one, and after they look through all the cards, you will read their minds and tell them what they are mearly THINKING OF. It is a hands-off effect, it can be done from 10-15 feet away. Everything is completely examinable!
The spec is given 5 "memory" cards with dozens of memories on them.

no force no fishing no anagrams no questions.

After brief instructions on the "test" procedure you never say another word.

From several feet away you are able to draw a picture
(depending on how artistic you are)of the memory they are thinking questions asked,you don't say a word.

This is not a quick trick. This is a 5-6 minute routine
with as much or as little presentation you want to put into it. For $12.95 with free shipping you CANNOT go wrong!
It was picked up by Fun Inc and they will be selling it. ONce this auction is over, the price will go to $16.95 on ebay. Good luck and enjoy!!

Postby Necromancer » 11/02/04 09:25 AM

Forgive me, but if this uses the same principle as the hoary effect in which a participant must find his selected number as it appears on one or several preprinted cards, which the performer then divines -- an effect that has appeared on cereal boxes -- then bombastic claims such as "THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST POWERFUL, DIRECT MIND READING EFFECT THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED!!" begin to appear truly ridiculous.

Giving that old effect an emotional hook is a fine goal (as Luke Jermay did in his adaptation of Maven's Mind's Eye Deck in his booklet, Seven Deceptions). But let's include some sanity in our advertising copy, please.

Neil Tobin
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Postby Guest » 11/02/04 11:30 PM

Yes Neil,
We did go a little insane with the ad copy.
We are changeing it from most direct,to most amazing.
Thanks for noticeing! :rolleyes:

Postby Guest » 11/03/04 05:35 AM

Well, I got it. I think it's quite nice. Yes, it will take work. You can't pull this out and start doing it like some push-button Tenyo product. Yes, it involves mnemonics, but that's what will make it special because not everyone will take the time to put in the work.
While playing with it I came up with several variations and there's one I'll definitely have to make up.
The simplest answer for those not willing to put in the memory work is use a small crib somewhere on the pad you are drawing the picture on.
The idea and the combination gave me many new ideas and that's all I care about when I open or look at something. This one effect gave me a great idea for a stage size presentation that can probably look amazing and uses several spectators.
I've already discussed some of the ideas with Brent & Myster so they might put them into play.
For something that is under $20 bucks I believe you get more than your money's worth.


Postby Guest » 11/06/04 01:54 PM

It is back up on e-bay if anyone is interested: here is the item number: 5932417104

Free Shipping!!!

Postby Guest » 11/11/04 07:17 PM

Rainbow Effect is now available from Fun Inc!! Check it out under "new items"

Postby Steve Hook » 11/12/04 12:11 AM

Dude, why do you not know how to post a link to your products??????

It's ... ffect.html

or HERE!

C'mon, man........get wit da plan!
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Postby Guest » 11/12/04 11:23 AM

sorry 'bout that

ps. - thanx for the link!

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