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Postby Guest » 01/27/05 09:31 AM

In Phone Psychs (Psi Serie vol. 2?), Banacheck, uses a forcing deck. Does anyone know what kind of deck is it?


Postby Guest » 01/27/05 06:03 PM

I am assuming you are talking about an entire deck of cards that contains 52 of the SAME card. Once way force deck...

Postby Anthony Blake » 01/28/05 01:30 AM


Banachek uses a "Psychomatic" deck for the Phone Psych routine... it's similar to a one-way deck except that it has an extra "touch" that allows you to fan the cards, show it as a regular deck and then force the target card in the break (I can't go deeper into the workings here as this is a public forum)... "Psychomatic" decks are kind of hard to come by nowadays, although I've heard that Alakazam in the UK may be putting them out again soon.. I've always made my own as well as it's double forcing brother the "Telematic" deck...

To do the routine without using a "Psychomatic" deck you could easily use either a "Pop-Eyed Popper" or a "Mirage" deck which are readily available at almost any magic shop both offline and on (you could easily make your own types of these decks with a regular pack, a one-way forcing deck and some roughing fluid)...

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Postby Vraagaard » 01/28/05 07:43 AM

Yes both Banachek and Bob Cassidy uses the Psyco-matic deck. Moreover you can use a Tel-o-matic deck customized made at See descritpion below:

TEL-O-MATIC DECK : - A deck is shuffled face-up and a rubber band is wrapped around it's middle. It is tossed into the audience and three people from different sections of the audience peek a card from either end of the deck. They are asked to stand. The magician or mentalist tells them, " If you heard your card named, please sit down." He/she rapidly names three cards and all three people sit down. You are 100% right. Complete. This effect can be made with 1, 2 or 3 force cards.
My choice of cards. Bicycle / Tally-Ho $12.50
Your choice of cards. $15.50 (Simple to do)

PSYCO-MATIC: This effect is the same as "Tel-o-matic", except cards are peeked from only ONE end. Complete:
Bridge $6.50: Bicycle
Tally-Ho $13.00
Jumbo $35.00
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