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Postby Guest » 11/05/04 04:39 PM

I wanted to inform everyone that my e-books will be turning into softcover booklets... much in the style of what Kenton Knepper puts out.
Hopefully, I will be releasing a limited run that will be carried through one of the larger distributors... that deal is being worked out.

I just did a very short run to see what they will look like so I want to offer them up to those that might be interested.
When they are finally sold nationally & internationally the booklets will each cost $35 a piece.

I now have twenty of each, DEEP THOUGHT & SIMPLE MINDED, and I will sell each for $30.
I will cover the cost of shipping in the US & Canada, but please add an extra $5.00 if it is shipping internationally.

I only have twenty so please check with me first before you put your order.
You can order by going to PayPal & using my email address there:
Thanks for all that have written about the effects in the past.

P.S. By the way, these will all be numbered & signed.

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