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Postby Guest » 06/09/03 06:20 PM

Hi, Does anyone here who what is the best headline prediction out there on the market. Hocus Pocus has a good one called impossible prediction, here is the link I was wondering if anyone has heard anything good about it. I am looking for a very good method that can stand very close scrunity by the audience. Also on a another subject, I want to learn how to speed read so I can read a lot of books in a short amount of time, can anyone here recommend a good speeding reading source?


Postby Guest » 06/10/03 12:44 AM

You will find several headline predictions in Larry Beckers Stunners Plus.

Howard Hughes Headline Prediction, page 173.
Clearly Predictable, 208.
Nostradamus Prediction Chest, 220.

The famous magician Paul Daniels did "Clearly Predictable" in english national TV several years ago and it looked great!

Postby BlueEyed Videot » 06/10/03 12:52 PM

My very favorite newspaper headline prediction is from "Between Two Minds" by J.G. Thompson Jr. and Ned Rutledge. A very underrated book IMHO. While there, also check out the routine for Key-r-rect. I've used both routines many times and they play very well. If you don't believe me, see what Daytona Magic says: Daytona Magic\'s web site

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Postby Guest » 06/12/03 09:02 PM

Check out "Banner"which is based on the Al Koran idea using a code book. Really a great idea.
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Postby Guest » 06/14/03 11:09 AM

In "MIND, MYTH and MAGICK", T.A. Waters has a tape recorder headline prediction which sounds quite similar to the effect described on the Hocus Pocus website (see "Unknown Power"). He also provides references regarding other such predictions in the literature. I don't know if the "Impossible Prediction" method is related to Waters' approach; in Waters' effect, for instance, it is the performer rather than the participant who pushes the machine's ON button. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth a look.
Bruce Bernstein has also published interesting approaches to the headline prediction: "Logical Headline Prediction", in PSI-KICKS, and "A Sporting Prediction", in PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING.

Postby Ted Leon » 06/15/03 08:39 AM

I can vouch for the strength of Bersteins
"A Sporting Prediction". Very powerful :confused:
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Postby luigimar » 06/16/03 03:19 PM

Just last night I read about a headline prediction in the first Apocalypse book. Let me check it (I don't have the book with me right now) and I'll tell you the page number in case you're interested.

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Postby Kevin Williams » 06/16/03 06:56 PM

535 Impromptu Headline Prediction -Stan Lobenstern

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