The Da Vinci Code Mental Effect!

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Postby Guest » 11/19/04 03:40 AM

I've found this effect on Ebay, Any reviews??

Michael Corn

Postby Bill Duncan » 11/19/04 11:16 AM

If you like the idea of the Da Vinci code for a theme I strongly recommend you look in your old Linking Rings (the recent issue with Jeff McBride on the cover) for a card trick by my friend Master Payne.

It's about as funny and clever as you get...

Plus, if you subscribe to Linking Ring, it's free.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Guest » 11/20/04 03:11 AM

I had the opportunity to see Master Payne perform his DaVinci Code routine at Stan Kramien's Northwest Magic Jamboree last April. Funny, visual, and topical with the details from the book woven in quite smoothly so even those who hadn't read the book "got it." As I recall, M.P. won Best Comedy prize in the contest.


Postby Seth Kramer » 12/20/04 06:45 PM

Found the issue (May 2004), but couldn't find Payne's DaVinci Code card routine, just a routine with the Beads of Prussia. Any other hints, or perhaps a different issue?
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