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Postby Guest » 06/25/04 09:23 AM

Ok now I have been asked to perform in a variety show were I will have a ten to fifteen min slot.
Now although I was first a magicain over the last two years I have drifted more and moe into the mentalism aspect of the art.
Now I would just like to know if you think that a ten minute mentalism act would work as I wouold realy like to perform some mentalism in the show.
Also what kind of structure should it follow effect wise if you think that it would work. I don't need you to tll me direct effects just the genre of effects ie predictions, calculations.
I do have my own ideas but I am wondering what everyone elses views are, and if mine are similair.

Postby Guest » 06/30/04 10:10 AM

I'm certain I've replied to the question somewhere else, but deja vu being what it is...

Firstly, I'm one of those die-hards the loathe the idea of blending mentalism with magic at most every level. I'll not go into all the whys and why nots (I'm certain you'll hear more than enough in response to this post...)But, from my own experience I find that the blending of the two robs me of the psycholgical advantages one gains when focusing on nothing by the "Psychic" theme. There are exceptions to this rule, I won't take from that. But, for my personal style the mixing of the two does not work.

If you want a fun, fast paced 10 minute bit that is "sure fire" I'd check out Bob Cassidy's 3-Envelope and Two-Billet routine on his Mentalism CD. I've used this concept for well over a year now and it has never failed to slay the audience... typically delivering right at ten hard hitting minutes of solid fun.

Remember, with Mentalism you do not need a lot of material/effects. Less is more! Cassidy has another excellent routine that you may prefer in his Jazz Q&A concept. Then again, the Q&A is possibly the strongest form of mentalism you can ever do. This particular bit is easy to master, plays exceptionally big and is lots of fun for everyone when you do it right.

On the comedy side I'd look at something like Jon Rigg's PROCRASTINATING PROGNOSTICATORS or Cassidy's UFO routines... they're both hilarious, have a great reveal, and sustain your role as being something just a bit beyond the run-of-the-mill magic buff (in other words, these bits play well if you're still doing magic as part of your set.)

Look at some of the old SYZYGY & MAGICK material as well. Lee had some great gags in his newsletter and of course, the contributions made to Bascom's publication are legendary.

Best of luck!

Postby Guest » 06/30/04 10:47 AM

Do the effects that you've worked up. It's no good to work up new effects at the last minute. To perform well, you have to know the effects through and through.

Given those requirements, what do you have to choose from?

Postby Guest » 07/02/04 01:35 PM

hey thanks for the help.
The show is going to be around November time so I have plenty of time to learn new things if needs be.
I wanted to do a full ten min Mentalism act though not 'Mental Magic' I am not sure were you got the impression I would be doing magic and mentalism, but thanks anyway.

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