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Postby Guest » 04/27/04 08:04 PM

Hey, I'm embarking on an Australia/New Zealand lecture tour in mid May. The itinerary includes:

May 10: Sydney
May 13: Adelaide
May 15: Melbourne
May 16 or 17 (?): Brisbane
May 18, 19, or 20 (?): Auckland

If you're in those parts in mid May, come say hi and steal my best ideas. I've collected all my new magical ideas into a 94-page lecture notes collection, Beneath Hemingway's Iceberg, including a new evolution of Ortiz's "Dream Card," a new method for the Vanishing Ketchup Bottle, and some new thinking on flash-paper effects.

I'll also be selling my old lecture notes, Shakespeare Doth Explain, which contains a book test that uses Harry Potter books and some estimations card work. And I'll be carrying my book, Be a Street Magician: A How-To Guide, which is officially out of print (but I have a few copies left; don't tell anyone).

And if you guys have any suggestions for my whirlwind trip through Australia, shoot.

See ya there!

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