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Below is PART THREE of the items I've just added to my WebSite. If your email
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1084-3242 - OLD NEWS. Volume 7, #3. November 1995. Newspaper style
magazine measuring 11 1/2"x17". 12 pages total with the front page article
"Widow Seeks Contact With Houdini's Ghost" by Richard Sheppard. Two
and one third page informative article on Houdini with several photos.- $10.00


1085-9758 - SCRIBNERs MONTHLY MAGAZINE. Volume 21, November
1880 to April 1881
. The magazines have been bound.

Noted magician of the time, HENRY HATTON has two separate articles.

(a) "The Secrets of Second Site", which contains all the codes, etc. you could
ever want in order to perform your own Mentalism act.

(b) "Secrets of Conjuring", which contains explanations on: The Indian-Box
Mystery - The Spiritual Bench - The Inexhaustible Bottle - Marabout Mocha.

Magazines are like New - binding shows wear. If you enjoy reading how things
were done LONG AGO - Well then, you'll LOVE holding/reading these magazines
from 123 YEARs AGO. - $75.00

Image Image

1086-5599 - AMERICAN HERITAGE Magazine. April 1972. Volume 13, #3. This
magazine comes Hardbound, instead of paperbound like most magazines.
Contains "Houdini's High-Flying Hoax" by Art Ronnie. A wonderful article
about the airplanes which collided during the filming of Houdini's movie "The
Grim Game"
. A full six photos in this article -plus- great reading on what was
almost tragic, but turned out to be the best thing for the movie. Houdini offered
a Huge Reward to anyone who could prove this scene in the movie was not for
real. Since it DID Happen, that was a pretty safe bet and smart of Houdini to
capitalize on the publicity of the almost fatal stunt. - $15.00

Image Image

1087-3596 - THE OSIRIAN Magazine, Official Organ of the Society of Osiris
Magicians, Inc. Published and edited by Al Snyder. There are only six issues
which make up a complete file of this magazine and what's offered here are
the first five. These are Volume 1, #s1 thru 5 for April thru August 1925. It's
my understanding, the final issue #6 is quite Scarce. I guess, so much so,
the owner of these five issues decided to go ahead and just have what he
had bound.

Those appearing on the Covers included: Thos. C. Worthington, III - Louis E.
Shilling - George F. Schulte - Clinton Burgess - Charles R. Clear.

Been looking for this magazine with no luck. Well, here's most of them. - $85.00

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