For Sale: Collectible Catalogs of Magic

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For Sale: Collectible Catalogs of Magic

Postby Mitch Praver » November 18th, 2002, 7:47 am

For sale is a diverse grouping of magic catalogs. It is fascinating to compare prices from years ago and contrast the inventory of the leading retailers of the day. In addition, there are catalogs of some of the recent, major magic auctions held by Swann Galleries. All catalogs are in very good condition. Requests will be satisfied on a first-come, first-served basis – based on the time your E-mail was sent to me at I prefer payment by Paypal, but will accept a check or money order, too. Enjoy!

1) Davenport's Demon Magic Catalogue (1898-1998 Centennial Edition). Catalogue of Magic Apparatus, New Conjuring Tricks, and the latest Amusing Jokes, Puzzles and Novelties. Limited edition. Hard cover. 1998. 444 pages. $15.00.
2) L. Davenport and Maskelyne's Mysteries Present the Very Latest in Practical Magic. The Demon Series Magical Catalogue from 1955. 400 pages. $20.00.
3) Abbott's Magic Novelty Co. Catalog #4, Colon, MI, 1937. “We are credited with instituting more modern innovations for the benefit of buyers of magic apparatus than any other dealer in magic. Sb, 320 pages. Price correction insert is also included. $20.00. I am offering two copies of this catalog.
4) Heaney Magic Co. Catalog #25, Berlin, WI. Magic apparatus, stage illusions, card tricks, mind ready effects, crystal gazing acts, spirit tricks, books, novelties, jokes SB, 224 pages. $20.00.
5) Max Holden's Magic Shop Catalog #15: The Latest of the World's Best Magic. “Earnestly desiring to withhold the secrets of magic from all who do not have a serious interest in it as one of the arts, the Holden Magic Shops avoid idle curious sidewalk throngs.” , New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 1948. Sb, 264 pages. $20.00.
6) Thayer's Studio of Magic Catalog #9, 1943. Sb, 71 pages of wonderful illusions. Los Angeles, CA. This catalog features escapes, illusions and stage “furniture”. “We believe that we have included a few new illusions which are unique including several "blackout' or "revue' numbers that should prove sensational.” $20.00
7) Swann Galleries' Catalog of Magic: Posters, Books, Ceramics, Ephemera, Periodicals, Apparatus. Public Auction Sales 1838. October 28, 1999 at 10:30 AM. $15.00
8) Swann Galleries' Catalog of Magic: Books, Posters, Broadsides, Catalogues, Programs, Periodicals, Memorabilia, Illusions, Tricks, Letters, Photographs. Public Auction Sale 1804. October 29, 1998 at 10:30 AM. Sb. 319 featured items. 289 featured items. $15.00
9) MakMagic Co.'s Catalog of Magic #3. Most of the magic is the U.F. Grant line of popular magic. Price list is included. Sb. 102 pages. $15.00
10) Petrie-Lewis (P&L) Mfg. Co.'s “Ultra” Magic Effects. P & L Manufacturing, it reads, is not only the oldest but the largest concern in the country manufacturing High Grade magic apparatus. New haven, CT. Sb, 76 pages. $20.00
11) Hank Lee's Magic Factory Catalog of Magic #10. 20th Anniversary Edition (1975-1995). Sb, 404 pages. $15.00
12) Hornmann Magic Co.'s Catalog of Popular Magic, New York, NY. Sb, 29 pages. $20.00.

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