WTB: Large Paul Fox Salt Pour Gimmick

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Postby Guest » 08/11/06 10:26 PM

Hey all,

I'm looking to purchase a large salt pour gimmick made by Paul Fox. Thanks!

Always in Magic,
Ari Simon
Editor of The Thaumaturge

Postby Guest » 08/17/06 07:59 PM


I'm just posting again so that, hopefully, more people will see this.

Ari Simon

Postby Guest » 08/17/06 08:54 PM

What are you willing to pay for the large PF salt gimmick in MINT condition with all its original paint??

Postby Nickey Fynn » 12/08/12 01:49 PM

do you still have the Paul Fox gimmick?
Nickey Fynn
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