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INVISIBLE EYE by Dennis Marks $30. ... at=&page=1

Dennis Marks' Invisible Eye will fool you, plain and simple. No matter how many times you see the effect, you will never even come close to guessing the method. It is diabolical with a capital D!
A spectator freely selects a card from any deck. No force of any kind. You know the name of the card before he sees it!!
No sleights. No palming. No stooges. No threads or body attachments. No magnets. Your hands are absolutely empty! You can use a borrowed deck and perform sitting or standing!
You will have the Invisible Eye with you whenever you carry your cards. And, you'll love this part, no skill is required! You will have to practice, of course, but there are no sleights of any kind.
Mentalists can use The Invisible Eye with ESP or Tarot Cards, even Runes.
Magicians can have anyone select a card from their own shuffled deck, have him put it unseen in his pocket, then divine the name of the card, with no pumping of any kind! In addition, using The Invisible Eye, you can perform the Out of This World Trick that fooled Paul Curry!
You get The Invisible Eye gimmick, manual of instructions, tricks and ideas plus the complete manuscript for the incredible Out Of This World trick.
Max Maven says, "I loved it before I saw it and love it even more after!"

THOUGHT TRANSMITTER by John Cornelius $30. ... at=&page=1

The Thought Transmitter is an ingenious device that allows you to instantly learn the secret thoughts of a spectator. And, it works two ways. You can either gain the thoughts of the spectator, or you can give the appearance of sending thoughts to the spectator.
All of this is done with a custom -designed notepad built into an opaque black wallet.
The wallet can be handled freely by a spectator. They will never find the secret gimmick. Yet, the gimmick is always there for you! Needless to say, it is extremely well-made.
In performance, the spectator draws a shape, an ESP symbol, a letter, the name of a card, etc. on a Post-It note inside the wallet. They then close the wallet and hand it to you.
Immediately, you are able to tell them, in detail, exactly what they wrote . If you like, you can write something on the Post-It note, then close the wallet. You are then able to transmit your thoughts to the spectator, and they correctly describe what you wrote.
In addition to the Thought Transmitter,you get a special everything-on-one Prediction Card and several excellent routines.
If you are into mentalism, you must have the Thought Transmitter

THE PHANTOM DECK by Vernet $35 ... at=&page=1

Two cards are freely selected from a borrowed pack of cards. The two cards are then pushed back into the deck at two different places.
You place the deck on the palm of your hand. Waving your other hand above the deck, the cards begin to move back and forth, cutting themselves and leaving a card protruding from the deck! The spectator may remove this card and verify that it is his selection.
You repeat the same effect with the second card. Of course, it is the second spectator's card. Immediately, return the deck to its owner.
* The deck may be borrowed from a spectator
* Performed with two selections, one at a time
* The deck may be immediately returned to the spectator without any tricky moves
* Requires no set-up - you can repeat the effect immediately
* Perform under any lighting conditions
* No wax, blue tack, etc.
* No cards added to the deck
* Includes fully illustrated, 8-page booklet
and very special gimmick.

DIMINISHING CARDS by Al Baker $20. ... at=&page=1

One of the classics of card magic. A small size fan of cards is shown. Suddenly, it diminishes to about half of its original size. These half-sized cards are fanned out. Instantly, they diminish to half of their size (about one half the size of the original cards). These 1/4 size cards are fanned out and, Presto; they diminish to tiny little cards. These mini cards are fanned out and suddenly, they vanish from the fingertips. A really beautiful effect, made easy with this quality apparatus.

MIDORI by Phil Goldstein $11.

The performer brings out a small object concealed in his hand. This is given to a participant to hold in his or her left hand, without the person viewing it. The performer comments, "Although you can't see it, you can feel that it's a plastic chip, perhaps for some sort of game like Poker. Well, playing cards are often used for game-playing, and also for fortunetelling. And that chip has to do with both."
The performer then brings out a packet of cards, and continues, "These are not playing cards. However, as you'll see, they have a curious relationship to both gaming and future-casting. Remember the game of 'shooting fingers'?" he asks. "You know: Someone calls, 'Ready, set, go,' and the players extend some fingers, which eventually determines the outcome of the game, usually by whether the total is odd or even. In this case, you'll shoot fingers solo, using your right hand. I'll say, 'Ready, set, go!' and you put out some fingers. Then, we'll look at these cards, to find out what it all means."
Upon the performer's exclamation, the player puts out some fingers. (For example, we'll say three.) "Okay," says the performer. "You could've put out all five fingers, or four, or two, or one, or none. You opted to 'shoot' three. As it happens, each of those possibilities relates to a color, which in turn indicates what emotional aspect governs your current state of mind."
The performer turns over the packet, showing that the first card has on its face a drawing of a red hand with all fingers extended. "Red means passion. If you'd held out all five fingers, it would indicate that your life is ruled by passion. As you didn't, that's not your primary characteristic." That card is dealt aside. The next shows a yellow hand with four fingers extended. "Yellow is a cautionary hue. If you'd shown four fingers, it would mean that you tend to proceed carefully, never rushing into any situation. But that's not your guiding aspect at this time."
That card is tabled. The next shows a green hand with three fingers outstretched. "Ah," says the performer, "you did display three, so I'll wait before explaining its significance."
That card is set apart from the others. The next card shows a purple hand with two fingers raised. "Violet represents elegance. Such would be your definitive quality, had you shown two fingers. As you didn't, well, elegance is clearly not your most important trait."
That card is tabled. The next shows an orange hand, one finger extended. "This gesture seems rather accusatory, and indeed the meaning of orange is anger and confrontation. Lucky for me, you don't have that attitude today."
That card is dealt aside. The final card shows a black hand, curled into a fist. "Not surprisingly, no fingers shown indicates a predilection for secrecy; literally, nothing is revealed."
He turns his attention to the card with the spectator's chosen number -- the green hand with three fingers raised -- and explains, "The color green has a straightforward meaning. It indicates envy. At this moment, you're about to feel an overpowering sense of that, as you envy my ability to have known ahead of time to put a green chip in your hand!"
The participant opens his or her fist, and looks at the plastic chip for the first time. Indeed, it is green, for a perplexing resolution.
You are provided with a set of six specially printed cards, plus five differently colored chips corresponding to the card colors, and very detailed instructions on how to present this mind-blower! People will come back to see you perform this over and over again!

THE MARK by John Murray $22 ... at=&page=1

Boy, is this good! When Al Cohen showed me The Mark, I was totally baffled! It's a real beauty.
Show a half dollar. Ask a spectator to mark the coin in whatever manner she chooses. Just as long as she will remember the mark should she see it again. Now, go through some very funny business as you attempt to vanish the coin. But, try as you might, the coin will not disappear.
Finally, in desperation, you reach into your pocket (with an empty hand) and bring out your Magic Keys. Ask the spectator to hold the keys tightly in her hand and wave them over the coin. As she waves the keys, the marked coin is caused to vanish! And, when she opens her hand, there, inside a solid metal bezel is the marked coin!
The same coin she signed earlier is attached firmly to your key chain. The only way the coin may be removed is to unscrew the bezel and take it out! Remember, the coin remains in full view throughout the routine. And, the spectator is holding the key chain long before the coin vanishes!
The effect is a corker --- the coins are beautifully made. Real precision work! They will withstand the most rigorous scrutiny! And, the effect is a snap to perform. If you can do a French Drop, or any other coin vanish, you can do The Mark.

CASH CARD by Jesse Feinberg $13.50 ... at=&page=1

Jesse Feinberg stopped by the other day to show us his latest miracle, CashCard. It absolutely blew us away. I love the way this kid thinks. Always just a little outside the box. If you liked his CigaPen, you are going to love CashCard.

The props are the simplest. A playing card from a Bicycle deck and a borrowed dollar bill.
Show both items openly and fairly. Fold the dollar bill and slide the card inside the fold. No way for the card to get out without tearing the bill.

Yet, in a moment of magic, the card penetrates right through the bill! It looks like real magic. Hand the bill back to its owner, they will find absolutely no damage.

The method is brilliant. Really beyond brilliant. And, so easy to do. I promise you will love it. You have never seen anything like it.

I want you to watch the video. Watch it several times. The method is invisible. And, it looks even better in real life than on the video!

MIRACLES FROM THE HIP: A TREATISE ON THE ART OF POCKET WRITING (THE ALPHA SERIES VOLUME II). By Mark Strivings, 2000. 49pp., illus., 4to. Comb bound.. $20.

FOUR RING ROUTINE by Whit Haydn $7.50 ... at=&page=1

One of the most commercial Linking Ring routines ever!! The author traces the Ring Trick to ancient street performers, because the rings have always been Crowd Stoppers. He developed his own Four Ring Routine under these same street conditions, eliminating all need for microphones, stage lights, etc. He has also eliminated any slow or repetitive movements, getting right to the meat of the routine! Whit has been using this routine for over 15 years in every possible type of working condition, always to great response. You will be delighted with the detailed instructions, including all patter, bits of business and subtleties that only a true professional can include. Perfect bound, lots of photos.

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"The Mark" is SOLD.

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Invisible Eye, Cash Card...SOLD.

Thought Transmitter....On HOLD.

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