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Postby Bill Mullins » 02/22/02 04:34 PM

Can anyone provide email or other contact info for Alan Wassilak or Dick Chalmers?

thanks, Bill Mullins
Bill Mullins
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Postby David Oliver » 02/22/02 06:11 PM

Hi Bill -

Unfortunately, Dick Chalmers passed away a few years ago.

Alan Wassilak, on the other hand, is alive and well, still illustrating here in the Boston area. The e-mail address I have for him has been acting up as of late (it's e-mail thru his work), and has not been a good way to get in contact with him. Phone seems to be the easiest way for Alan. However, I'm not in the habit of posting someone's contact info on te web. So, E-mail me privately (domagic@aol.com) with your contact info, and I will gladly pass it on to Alan for you.

- David Oliver
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