Cleaning house before I move! Card Craft and Bizarre stuff is amongst the sale

Your doorway to those rare collectibles that everyone is searching for: books, props, posters, cards, and paper ephemera are all here for you to buy and sell.

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List updated

Magic Books
Card Craft JK Hartman $250
The Charlatan's Handbook - Sid Fleischman $27
Shhhh...It's a Secret- Theo Annemann $5
Vito Lupo Lecture Notes from 1992 $6
Abbot's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks $5

Magic Videos
The Scotty York Videos 1 and 2 $7 a piece or $12 for both
In Concert The Roger Klause Video $6
The Allan Ackerman Videos 1 and 2 $6 a piece
Dan Harlan's Magic with Rubberbands Vol. 1 $6
Sankey Very Much and Sankey 1999 $4 a piece or $7 for both
Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions (Great starter for stage illusion concepts!) $10
Chad Long's Magic Video (so insanely good) $9
Tom Mullica Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy Vol. 12 $8
Dai Vernon's Secrets of Magic (love the Vernon footage) $10
Martin A. Nash Live $6

I take paypal and money orders. My seller ID on ebay is spamboy1979-half in case you'd like to see how trustworthy I am. Cheers and thanks for looking!

Aubrey Torres
1138 S. La Cienega Blvd. #4
Los Angeles, CA


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