Ken Klosterman's tour of the Salon de Magie now available

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Postby Guest » 11/08/06 03:09 PM

A few years ago, while touring with Ted Lesley, I had the opportunity to stay at Ken Klosterman's place for a couple of days. Ken was president of the IBM 1995-1996. He has an immense collection of magic, which is in an abandoned mineshaft below his "cabin" in Loveland, Ohio. For several years, Ken has been planning the release of a book about his collection.

Well, the book is now a reality. I got my copy at the New England Magic Collectors Association convention last week, and I could not be happier. The book is bound in beautiful, green imitation leather, with the title stamped in gold. There are almost 400 pages of text and photographs, most of which are in color (almost 300 in color!!!), which detail the history of Ken's collection, the collections and mentors who contributed to it, and the items, themselves. The book was written by Ken, in collaboration with Gabe Fajuri and edited by William Broeker.

Granted, you won't see everything Ken has. There are just too many things in his collection for him to show you a photo of each piece. But you will see the highlights -- the Light and Heavy Chest of Robert-Houdin, a Rose Mirror which may have belonged to Hofzinser, the Tramp Chair of Harry Houdini, as well as posters galore. To show each of the more than 3000 items and 8000 books would require several volumes as thick as this one. So he has chosen the items that most magicians would like to see, and has chosen quite well.

Accompanying the book is a DVD that contains an interview with Ken, a guided tour through the Salon and a three minute walk-through, showing the highlights.

If you are a collector, you will definitely want to have this book. It is available directly from Ken. The price of the book is $195, postpaid in the US. A deluxe edition is also available at $425, postpaid in the US. Overseas orders add $25 for postage.

For more details or to order, go to .

Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/08/06 05:30 PM

Ken has a tremendous collection of wonderful things, all beautifully displayed. I can't wait to get my copy of this book!
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Postby Kevin Connolly » 11/08/06 05:52 PM


What a great review. The book sounds like it is a must have for the collection.

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Postby Guest » 11/09/06 11:46 AM

Had the opportunity to persuse both copies the De Luxe and the regular one. I bought both!

Impeccable binding job and wonderful pictorials. The De Luxe ed also has gild edges.

You better hurry ordering because I anticipate a sell out.

Postby Guest » 11/09/06 01:52 PM

Good advice, I ordered early. This will be an opportunity for everyone to have a "guided tour".
Until now I have only read of the enormity of this collection. The advance notice is a good example of the benefit of this forum.

Postby Guest » 11/15/06 01:07 AM

The book and the accompanying DVD are delightful.

Postby Bill Wells » 11/17/06 02:18 PM

I received the following message from the Executive Secretary of the IBM today and know there are probably members of the Genii Forum would like to send get well messages:

"I was informed today that Ken Klosterman had an operation on Monday as a result of his continuing fight against cancer. Please send cards and well wishes to him at:"

Ken Klosterman
6600 Smith Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140

I know that Ken would welcome your messages.

Bill Wells
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Postby Guest » 11/19/06 11:46 AM

I haven't spoken directly to Ken; however, I did e-mail Sean Owens, the curator of the Salon, to see how Ken is doing. Sean says that Ken is doing quite well. The surgery took a long time, but the prognosis is good.

Ken is in good spirits. He has been preparing himself for this for several weeks, and his sense of humor is completely intact.

So send him a card or a note. He should be back home in a couple of days.

Postby Guest » 11/23/06 10:46 AM

Today , Thanksgiving, heard from Ken. THought his friend and colleagues would like to know that he is doing fine and very happy to see that his book is almost sold out (as predicted) before the actual publication......He is a great guy and an "icon" in the Magic collecting field for those collectors who appreciate and understand the true meaning of antiquities in Magic collecting.

Hang in there dear friend and continue with your fast recovery!

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