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Postby Evan Shuster » 07/24/07 08:47 PM

For sale...
Paul Harris Set -
Stars of Magic & Art of Astonishment Set (4 videos [VHS]):
1. The Close Up Classics of...
2. Immaculate Close-Up
3. Close-Up Astonishment
4. The Art of Astonishment

Contains the following items:

Bush Whacker, Seductive Switch, Strange Exchange, Hi-Ho Silver!, Ballerina Cards (Las Vegas Split), Interlaced Vanish, Reset, Limo Service, Screenplay, Bleached Blackjack, The J.A.P.H. Maneuver (one of my personal favorites!!), Mondo Nifty False Count, Cellophane Surprise, Immaculate Breakthrough, Flap Jacks, Stapled, Uncanny, Tap Dancing Aces Finale, Galaxy, The Unshuffle (Perfectionist), Immaculate Video Scam, The Ultra P.H. Immaculate Psychological PSwich, Bizzare Shrink, Cue Cards, Screwed Deck, Fantasy Aces, Card Cuffs - "From Brainstorm in the Bahamas," RubberBandScam, Sugar Shocker, Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician, Double Decker, Cardboard Connection, Balducci Levitation, Unshuffling Rebecca, Backlash, Angel Case, Zen and the Art of Boomerang, Flesh, Impromptu Nightshades, Buck Naked, The Shape of Astonishment (this one is sooooooo cool!!), Fizz Master.

42 effects!
Total running time = over 5 1/2 hours

Purchase all four tapes (these are not DVDs) with standard ground shipping for $35
Paypal preferred. No credit cards, please. Check or money order okay, but I won't ship until payment clears.

*($40 for priority shipping... [sorry, the USPS rates went way up]).

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Evan Shuster
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Evan Shuster
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