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Postby Guest » 08/31/03 12:45 PM

1. Now-U-C-It, Now-U-Don't by Meir Yedid booklet and video $15

2. Alternative Handlings by Horace Bennett - (1983) softcover spiralbound 96 pages. $15

3. It Easier than you Think by Geoffrey Buckingham Vol 3 (1979) 104 pages softcover spiralbound $10

4. Hard 8 by Todd Theman - $10

5. Professional Close-up by Leo Behnke (1989) Softcover 112 pages. $10

6. Corneilus's Perfect Pen Through Anything. $35
This pen has one minor flaw, although the pen still works perfectly. I don't want to give details in this open forum, but I'll be happy to provide the details to anyone who is interested in purchasing.

7. Scotty York's Cups & Balls booklet (1975) $10

If interested, email me at

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