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Postby Kurt Lee Flickner » 08/10/02 01:31 PM

I continue to liquidate a huge estate of magic, I have been working on this for almost a year now, and the end is not near. Many of you are already getting my emailed lists of items for sale. The next list will come very soon, if you have not been getting the lists of stuff for sale, send me an email asking to be added to the email group.

Most of the stuff is Brand New- never even opened.

I have a 2 fold procedure to sell the stuff, I compile a list of about 100 items, and send it in email, at same time I update the website (www.MagicEstateSale.com) with more details of the item, and most likely photos of it.

if you wish to be added to the email list, rest assured:
1. all emails are sent blind copy, to protect your privacy.
2. I will not share or sell my email list
3. I will never send any emails except those for the Magic Estate Sale, I will never try to sell you Debt Consolidation, Internet Investigative Services or Viagra-on-Line.
4. I do NOT keep sending emails for stuff that has not sold yet, it gets listed once and then it sits on website till someone buys it.

And Note, that when I send out an email listing newly available things, 50% of it is sold within 24 hours, so to get a good chance at something, the email list is the best way to go.

If you have recieved my lists in the past you are on my lists, unless you have changed your email address, no need to sign up again. (It has been 2 months since I sent out a list, summers are too busy with performances for me to get thru stuff)

Kurt "Lee Curtis the Magical Wizard" Flickner

check out our sites at:

www.MagicEstateSale.com - A site where you can buy vintage, rare and modernmagic, some items brand NEW condition.
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