Lee Asher 3-Pack (VHS)

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Postby Evan Shuster » 01/13/08 10:59 AM

Lee Asher 3-Pack (VHS)
- Hit The Road (with R. Paul Wilson)
- The Five Card Stud
- Cooking With Lee Asher

All three tapes for $25.00 (includes free shipping and delivery confirmation!)

1. Hit The Road (with R. Paul Wilson & Lee Asher)
From Hollywood's world-famous Magic Castle to the casinos of Las Vegas and even into Alcatraz, join Paul and Lee as they discover the magic and magicians of America's West coast. Along the way, you'll learn magic from some of the biggest names in the business:

Alain Nu vanishes a silk without the use of prosthetics
The Buck Twins tip two of their signature routines
Alan Ackerman fries another victim
Earl Nelson teaches a classic production from "Variations"
David Regal makes a baffling prediction
Dean Dill matrixes with anything you like
Ashford Kneitel finds four ladies with his "card compass"
Steve Beam spirals and slices
and Nathan Kranzo makes coins vanish and appear without getting burned!
PLUS six excellent effects from Paul Wilson and Lee Asher
- A selection rises out of any deck-then finds its three mates!
- A deck of cards ribbon spreads in mid-air!
- The magician blows the whole trick-then recovers with a real kicker!
- A pack seems to come alive as it is cut in the hands-yet nothing takes place!
- Four aces are lost in the deck then found behind your back-instantly!
- Four freely selected cards change-face-up-to the four aces!

But even all of this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hit the Road is absolutely loaded with private sessions, exclusive effects and interviews featuring some of magic's most colorful characters, featuring over an hour of footage from Paul and Lee's trip plus explanations and out takes. Hit the Road is truly a unique video experience.

2. Lee Asher: The Five Card Stud
Lee Asher stars as Agent 005, the Five Card Stud, unleashing the most amazing card magic ever! He saves the day, gets the girl and eludes the Evil Crimp!
Directed By - Steve Fearson
Starring Lee Asher
Introducing - Tara Monroe
Special Appearance By - The Crimp

Tricks performed and explained:
- Sibling
- Slap Happy
- Thunderbird
- Joking Around
- The Silver Surfer
- Ambitious Explosion
- The Five Card Stud

3. Well Done - Cooking With Lee Asher
Join Lee Asher as he shares some of his favorite magic recipes.
- May the Force Be With You (A very clean and very easy force)
- Revolutionary Change (A truly incredible, visible color change)
- Hole in the Head (A matrix with an ending you won't believe)
- Fabrication (A killer false cut that is actually very easy to do)
- Asher Twist (This is Lee's masterpiece).

Paypal preferred. Check or money order accepted, but I cannot ship until payment clears (thanks in advance for understanding).

Thank you!
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Postby Evan Shuster » 01/14/08 07:33 PM

I'll also split up the set at $9 each (still includes shipping).
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Postby Evan Shuster » 01/15/08 10:30 PM

Now $22.00 for the set of three, or $8.00 each.
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