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Postby Paul Green » 04/05/02 08:37 PM

Just a quick note to let you know that I have just received my very own P. B's P. S. By its very nature, it is a hit for the comedy magician. For the creative performer, it will take your old Pom Pom (correctly called the Histed)Stick to a new level. Well priced and available through Stevens Magic Emporium.


Paul Green

PS I receive no financial rewards from this post. I paid for mine! Yes Pete, that is kind of a brag!
Paul Green
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Postby Bob » 04/07/02 08:17 PM

Hi Paul, (and you too Pete):

I was just at Joe's annual get together and April sale today, and picked up a set of the sticks as well. They look and work great. Look forward to using them. These fit my personality much better than the pole with the puff balls on the ends.

Bob Phillips
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Postby Pete Biro » 04/08/02 06:41 PM

Thanks guys... most appreciated... just ran out of supplies and hope to make more soon. (Joe still has about a dozen left)!

The "negative" talk about my Chastity Belt routine on the EG has caused a flurry of sales and we are OUT OF STOCK! (Altho Joe might have a few left)... blatant PLUG...

Wait 'til you see my new low cost floating table... in about a month! :eek:
Stay tooned.
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