"The Harbin Book"

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Postby Amos McCormick » 05/16/06 02:11 PM

In my collection I have a forty page, hardbound book titled, simply, "The Harbin Book". It was copyrighted by Martin Breese Publishing in 1983, and contains the story of Harbin's life and career, along with photos of Harbin memorabilia and ephemera. There is no title on the cover - only a gilt Harbin signature.

What is the story behind this book? It's probably not particularly rare, but I have never seen another copy.

Thanks for your help.

Amos McCormick
Amos McCormick
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Postby Guest » 05/16/06 11:17 PM

I have the same book, I purchased it about 20 years ago for $20.00. Nothing really of interest in the book. And it sure is a skinny book, can barely see it it on my bookcase. As for a value, who knows, depends if anyone really wants it I guess.

Postby pduffie » 05/17/06 04:36 AM

I suspect this may be a transcript of the Robert Harbin Magicassette tape. But that's just a guess and I have emailed Martin out of curiosity. Maybe he'll post here, but I know he's very busy at the moment.

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Postby Guest » 05/17/06 11:21 PM

Originally posted by Peter Duffie:
I suspect this may be a transcipt of the Robert Harbin Magicassette tape...
Peter, you're correct. I thought Martin did a nice job of book production for this slim little tome.


Postby Guest » 05/28/06 03:21 AM

Hi Folks: "Nothing much of interest in this book"! Wow it is just Harbin's life story!!! And of course there is nothing much of interest in his life story is there?

The book is a transcript of my interview of Robert Harbin and it was the first thing that I personally printed on my own litho printing machine. I wasn't really much of a printer and one day will sort out the artwork again and find a good printer to do the job for me. But then there is not much of interest in the book is there.

What does this guy want? Blood!

Best wishes to all,

Martin Breese

Postby Rick Ruhl » 05/28/06 09:14 PM


I know there's alot of interest in the book. I have the interview on CD and it was one of the most interesting pieces of audio I had ever listened too.

The man was genius, pure genius.

Rick Ruhl
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Postby Guest » 05/28/06 11:51 PM

Another slender volume that Breese produced was on Al Koran...primarily transcripts of Al's television appearances and a reprint of his lecture notes. As a working performer I've come to appreciate this nicely produced book as a good reference source.

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