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Postby Guest » 07/16/02 12:53 PM

I'm looking for a Collector's Workshop Time Odyssey (the clock vanish thing). Can anyone help with my search for a used one? I'm willing to trade my Power Chopper for it. And you'd definitely be coming out on the better end of the deal.

Email me if you can help:


Steve Thomas

Postby Guest » 07/16/02 04:40 PM

How about a Kyber Kobra instead?

Postby Guest » 07/17/02 03:59 AM

Thanks for the offer, but have a Khyber Kobra, along with the aforementioned Power Chopper, Gumball, Jumbo Sidekick 2, Wristwatch Blendo, Jumbo Card on Seat, Perfect Time, Time Terrific, Stull System 2, Hemingway Lock, Jaks or Better, Penultimate, Royal Delight, Badlands Bob, Burmese Bells, Chronologue, Davey's Festival Rings, Grandma Bloch's Recipe Cards, Zippo, Chaplin's Candle, Any Card to Wallet, Can o'Corn, Horizontal Card Rise, and the original (wooden base) Paper Thin Sawing. I've probably forgotten a few...but I'm really looking for a Time Odyssey.

Steve Thomas :D

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