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1) The New York Magic Symposium, Collection Five,written by Stephen Minch. Published by Symposium Productions and Adam J. Fleischer. This book is hardbound, 140 pages, and is in excellent condition. Lots of good magic from the likes of Daryl, Sawa, Richard Kaufman, Michael Ammar, Tommy Wonder, Gaetan Bloom, Scott Cervine, Phil Goldstein, David Roth, Ben Harris,
Jeff McBride, Jonathan Pendragon, Tooru Suzuki, Shigeo Futagawa, Isao Komine, Masao Atsukawa, Yoshihiko Mutobe, and Shigeo Takagi. Contents:
Introduction-Eugene Burger
The Multicolored Pen-Daryl
Risen from the Ashed-Daryl
Crash Dice-Sawa
Transparent Lies-Richard Kaufman
Haleys Comet-Michael Ammar
Deja ReVurse-Tommy Wonder
The Bloom vs. Kulagina Match-Gaetan Bloom
Strife in Eden-Scott Cervine
Once is Never Enough-Jay Sankey
Canned Applause-Jay Sankey
PSI-Con Ruse-Phil Goldstein
Gone but not Forgotten-David Roth
Spending Spree-Ben Harris
Subsequent Smoker-Jeff McBride
Beauty Enfolded-Jonathan Pendragon
Diagonal Slide-Tooru Suzuki
Four-Tell On Dice-Shigeo Futagawa
Upon Reflection-Shigeo Futagawa
3-D Reflection-Shigeo Futagawa
Kirigami Rings-Masao Atsukawa
Triple Knockout Spellbound-Yoshihiko Mutobe
The Mutobe Vanish & The Mutobe Palm-Yoshihiko Mutobe
Takagi Thumb-Tie-Shigeo Takagi
The Sidewinder Pretzel-Ray Kosby
Orient Express-Larry Jennings
Pendu-Dean Stern
Friends & Lovers-Gary Lee Williams
Spellbound Ring Change-David Gripenwaldt
Short Sheeted-Paul Cummings
Down the Falls, Up the Back-Pat Hazell
Delayed Reaction-Roger Klause
Ambitions in Bondage-Rick Anderson

2) Close-Up Presentation, written and published by John Mendoza (1979). This is a hard bound book and is 107 pages. This book is on the presentation of close-uphow to set it up to be the most professionally entertainingnot just a book of tricks. The chapters are: Introduction, Selecting Your Tricks, Practice, Presentation, Working Conditions, Routining a Trick, Routining the Act, Money Magic, Magic & Magicians, and In Conclusion.

3) Secrets..The Original Magic of Terri Rogers, written by Terri Rogers, and published by Martin
Breese (1986). This book is hard bound, and is 86 pages with dust jacket. Lots of good close-up and platform material. The first routine (razor blades from the mouth) is great. Contents: Contents of the book: Razor Blades From Mouth, The Pirish Compass (a clever topological routine), Its A Stick-Up! (magish and spectator each select cards, put signed stickers on the backs, yet the cards trade places), Blank Amazement, The Computer Deck, Bottoms Up!, The Chinese Twist, Smallern That (all card routines), The Holy Tube (really interesting), Shoot Out (card routine), The Italian Rope Trick, T.T.F.N. (card trick), Curry Flavour (a card trickwhat else would it be, with that name), Try This (bits of business to use with other routinesmost professionals would find this quite helpful).

All three books go as a set for $55, plus $9 shipping (priority mail).


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