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Postby Guest » 08/03/02 12:04 PM

Allright fellow magicians how are you all doing fine i hope. Has anyone got any of The Paul Daniels Magic Shows on video and if so are you selling them.

Postby MaxNY » 08/05/02 07:25 PM

Yes, got that! I work in television, and have several shows he put together for award considerations. These are the best of...Gotta check to see how many. I don't think I am allowed to sell here on this Genii forum,(hey moderator can we have a ruling?)... but sure will trade for the Melinda Missing tapes.. Kidding of course, what do you have to trade? I have most everything... The best of my Paul Daniels is this Heinekin commercial he did for UK, very very funny. He is sitting on a bench singing "Close to you" out of key... he will stop singing if you buy enough beer. It is a commercial that has to air in threes... because the kicker is the last spot.
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