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It has been nearly 18 months since I sent out a list of new and used magic for sale from estates. You probally thought there was no more "stuff". Far from reality, I have been going through "the divorce from hell" and everything was tied up in the property settlement.
Well life has began to move on, next week I will finally be able to start sending out lists again, and will be sending list #15 next week.

If you wish to be added to my email database send me an email to Magicalpro@aol.com

As in the past, I will always guard the security of your email address, I will NOT share or sell my address database, all emails will be sent blind carbon copy, to protect your privacy. I will NOT send useless emails trying to sell you anything else. I will NOT re-send lists of previously offered items.

Each list will only be sent once, it will contain item name, my stock # and my price. At the same time the emails are sent the website will be updated www.MagicEstateSale.com , with descriptions of the items, thier condition and most will include pictures of the item. If you visit the website now you will still see the items that are still available from previously emailed lists. Because I maintain the website and customers continually buy from the previously listed items, I do not need to continually get people to buy with emails after emails, for the same repeated items.

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