"TELEPORTATION" by Ned Rutledge

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Postby Guest » 12/16/06 10:06 AM

WANTED:"TELEPORTATION" effect by Ned Rutledge circa 1970. Advertised in March 1970 Linking Ring page 13

Postby Guest » 12/19/06 11:23 PM

Joe, I'll save you some frustration.

I spoke to Ned about this effect back around 1990 before I saw the prop. I wanted Ned to make me one since I couldn't find one anywhere. As he explained, he was in a bad marriage at the time he was making magic props. When he came home from work he would eat a bite and head to the workshop to build magic and avoid his wife.

Well, he wasn't going to make any more of those because that wife was gone and the current one made him happy, so he had no more need to kill time in his shop.

A few years later I was shown the prop and instantly realized it could not be used today. Essentially, there is a "trap" created by a number of magnets on the top of a book with a pattern that hid the trap. Since the effect "teleports" a credit card from one book to another, the use of magnets was acceptable when Ned created the method because there were no magnetic strips on credit cards.

Not so today. Doing the effect with Ned's method would ruin the credit card, something I doubt you'd want to do.

Postby Guest » 12/20/06 05:07 PM

I'll go one step beyond,
Raymond Carlyle, the mentalist in Florida,
offers a wonderful version of this effect sans magnets in his lecture notes, for sale pre-made, and maybe on one of his tapes.

Find E Raymond Carlyle on line and order his notes The Carlyle Touch.

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