Super Close-Up DVD Package

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Legendary Repertoire of Michael Skinner Vol.3
Scotty York 3 DVD Set volumes 1,2 & 3
School For Scoundrels: Introduction to the Shell Game
Bob Sheets Absolutely Nuts (3 Shell Game Video)
Bob Sheets Hang 'Em High - Rope Through Body
Jay Marshall Steven's Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 5 (DVD)
Johnny Paul Steven's Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 14 (DVD)
Johnny Paul Steven's Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 15 (DVD)
Rene Levand Close-Up Artistry Volume 5
Eddie Tullock "The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic"
Doc Eason Bar Magic Volume 3
Corporate Close-Up With Martin Sanderson
The Business With Martin Sanderson
Dave 2 (with David Williamson)

Derek Dingles Last Notes (this is a CD-Rom)

I am only selling this as a complete set.
Complete for $160 plus postage
(you choose how you would like it sent: General Delivery, UPS, etc.)

Payment by Paypal Only

email me at

Bill Abbott
416 698 7363

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