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Postby Guest » 11/24/05 02:11 PM

Magic Express Radio will be broadcasting tommorow, Friday November 25th, 2005 Below is the time it will be:
5:30 PM Eastern Time
4:30 PM Central Time
2:30 PM Pacific Time
3:30 PM Mountain Time

In the broadcast we will be discussing the Penguin Sankey happenings.
Aaron Rabkin, winner of the IBM Youth Close-up Contest, will be having his own section called "The Weekly Rabkin Report"
We will also be giving away ALOT of prizes and we will be having computer call-ins, a chat discussion, and telephone call-ins.

So once again, be sure to tune in tommorow, Friday November 25th, 2005.

Hope to hear your thoughts!

Postby mrgoat » 11/25/05 06:30 AM

podcast it...

go on
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