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Postby Guest » 09/05/07 11:14 PM

Hey there,

I have quite a few auctions going on over at Ebay so click the link below to check them all out!

David Stone's Cacoon: ... :IT&ih=001

David Stone's X-Rated: ... :IT&ih=001

David Stone's Made In France: ... :IT&ih=001

Kainoa Harbottle's Coins On Edge: ... :IT&ih=001

Kainoa Harbottle's Cointopia: ... :IT&ih=001

Kainoa Harbottle's Coinapalooza 1: ... :IT&ih=001

Kainoa Harbottle's Coinapalooza 2: ... :IT&ih=001

Kainoa Harbottle's A Petite Pamphlet on Pasteboards: ... :IT&ih=001

There are many more to come so check back soon!
And as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Postby Guest » 09/06/07 02:21 PM

Do you combine shipping?

Postby Glenn Farrington » 09/07/07 01:02 AM 1am, alone in my office, having your voice suddenly appear scared the s**t out of me. Nice that you can add that to your ebay page, but geeeez, you almost put my will into effect.
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Postby Guest » 09/09/07 08:03 PM

Hey There,

Added two new items to the list.

Banacheck's Psychophysiological Thought Reading ... :IT&ih=001

Guy Hollingworth's SIGNED and Out of Print FISM 200 Notes ... :IT&ih=001


Corey Burke

Postby Guest » 09/09/07 09:06 PM

At the risk of repeating myself . . .

Originally posted by Bill Mullins:
Do you combine shipping?

Postby Guest » 09/09/07 09:51 PM

Hey Bill,

Yeah I will combine shipping. Sorry I totally missed that. Please accept my apology for not getting back to you in a timely manner.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.


Postby Guest » 09/09/07 09:55 PM

A few more DVDs added:

John Carney "On Palming" ... :IT&ih=001

Nathan Kranzo's "Burning Up" ... :IT&ih=001

The Flicking Fingers "The Movie" ... :IT&ih=001

There are more DVDs and notes to come!


Postby Guest » 09/10/07 03:04 PM

Here are a few more things that I have added to ebay:

Chris Korn's Lecture notes "Be fruitful and multiply": ... :IT&ih=001

Apollo Robbins Lecture Notes "Apollo 2001" ... :IT&ih=001

Apollo Robbins Lecture ntoes "Time For A Change" ... :IT&ih=001

THank you for looking and check back as I have more items going up shortly


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