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Postby Guest » 08/28/07 01:20 PM

In searching for instructions for earlier items offered I decided to make even more space!

15 dollars Camarind Acadediey's Paul Belanger's Cigarette thru Quarter.

Imagine this:
. A borrowed cigarette or rolled bill penetrates a borrowed quarter in a stunningly visual, utterly impossible manner!
. Both the quarter and cigarette (or rolled bill) can be shown on all sides during the penetration!
. When the quarter slides off the end of the cigarette or rolled bill, it drops into a spectator's cupped hands fully restored, and can be examined immediately!

This is the original with the 12 page booklet instructions (NOT the DVD)

Someridiin Bulldog Clip Switch 30 dollars (Like new)

"Clips to switch billets have been available previously but SWITCH CLIP has a vastly improved mechanism. It is not made with the usual fragile rubber bands or elastic that break during a performance and deteriorate with age. It is made with a permanenet coil spring.Because the billet is seen on both the bottom and the side of the clip it is much more deceiving than earlier methods where the billet was seen only at the bottom. It will fool even magicians and mentalists who are familiar with the earlier methods."

25 dollars Decisions by Mozique (like new)

25 dollars ESP Chips by Tony Blake (like new)

15 dollars Z-Fold Credit card switch wallet (like new, never used)

40 dollars Mullica Wallet (Miracle Card-In-Wallet)(Good to Very Good condition)

15 dollars The Mark by John Murray (Good condition)

The Mark - A half dollar is marked on both sides. The coin is then vanished and mysteriously ends up securely fastened inside of a key chain while it is being held by a spectator. Impossible !!! - Mike Rogers says," The best new coin trick of the '90's"

30 dollars Third Degree Burn (Like new)

15 dollars X-Con by Reed Mclintock (like new, will throw in extra gimmick paper)

45 dollars Deluxe Eye to Eye. This is the one with the sun and moon medallion and I'll throw in an extra ring and deluxe ball from old E2E

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 05:08 PM

Mullica, Z-Fold wallet, Somerdin Switch Clip and ESP chips on hold.

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 06:28 PM

Mullica sold.

Z-Fold Wallet sold.

Somerdin Switch Clip sold.

Deluxe Eye to Eye now on hold.

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 06:31 PM

Eye to Eye sold.

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 06:40 PM

ESP Chips sold.

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 09:16 PM

Bellanger cigarette thru quarter on hold.

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