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$20 (retail - $30). Please email me if interested.


A very simple word, and yet, such a powerful one.

Just Imagine that a volunteer from the audience can merely think of any item from a list that has been entirely created by the rest of the audience. She concentrates upon her selection as the you run through all of the named possibilities. When you get to the end of the list, you will be able to tell the volunteer exactly what she is thinking.

Just Imagine that a person can merely think of any one of the five standard ESP symbolsand you will be able to tell them which one.

And all of this (and more) can be accomplished on the spot. Nothing ever needs to be written. There is no advance preparation. No secret assistants. No gimmicks. No forcing. No pumping. No equivoque. And everything can be done without the performer ever touching anythingso there is obviously no sleight-of-hand. Simply put, everything here can look, and feel, like real mind reading. And everything can be done 100% impromptu.

42 Soft Bound Pages

bob plaut 46 whalley ave. milford, ct 203.843.1152

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