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Some of the items that are in the posters/brochures section is included within
the complete collection.

After a considerable amount of cleaning and
organizing I've put together a collection of
materials that date back to the 1950's through the

A collection of posters and various publicity
materials plus a 810 photo that may be personally
autographed. There are more than 15 items in this
collection including a print of the cover article
from TOPS magazine and more.

Your choice of one of three 810 photos of Louie.
1. Promotional Head Shot
2. Chinese Cowboy
3. Microphone Suspension with Mai-Ling

25 + Items Included:
The Last Magic Show Poster + review
Woodstock Opera House Season Poster and guide Memories of Vaudeville Poster
The New TOPS Magazine cover article by George Johnstone
Seasons Greeting flyer
Johnstone & ORourke flyer
Detriot Youtheater Poster feature Jay Marshall & DeYip Loo
Your choice of an 810 autographed photo
Plus various brochures.

Plus an autograph copy of Mai-Ling's
'chronology.' CD, stickers & pins.

Limited Amount Available.

You can go my store here to purchase:

PRICE $85.00 post paid

For more information:

PO Box 81
Spring Grove, IL 60081
p: 815-354-2730

Postby Guest » 08/04/07 06:18 AM

Thanks to those who bought a set right away.

I know dad really enjoyed signing the photos
and going through the posters, and flyers.
Started telling stories about them.

Its so nice to see him happy about something.

I revised one of the combinations, after finding
a stack of color "Shang Po Magic Show" photos.
That were taken at the 1985 IBM convention when
dad was on the Blackstone,Sr 100th anniversary
panel. It is of the revolving microphone suspension.

with a CD its $20.00 postage paid US.

And all three of us will sign it.


Postby Guest » 08/20/07 01:24 PM

Someone pointed this out to me and I never
thought about putting this on the description.

All the materials are original.
There's is only one copy and that is the
Timothy O'Rouke / George Johnstone flyer.

The reason behind the flyer being a photocopy:

I was going through a scrap book one day and found two really excellent flyers of it. One not so good. The last time we had dinner with George and Betty, I told my mom I wanted Dad and George to
sign the most perfect one that night. I must've had a 6th sense about it because that was
the last we spent time together. The following week they moved to MN.

Its so rare, because of the fact that that was really the first comedy magic team...even more so a interacial one. Just after the War.

I wanted to share this special flyer of two people who became friends because they were on the Blackstone show, for those who are interested in buying the collection because the only
way anyone could even get a decent photocopy of the flyer is through purchasing this collection.

Postby Guest » 11/14/07 05:30 PM

Now that the holiday season is upon us,
there's still a few left.

Put it on your to-get list.

Still $85.00 with S/H.

Postby Guest » 12/01/07 02:04 AM

how much for a signed 8x10 of your dad,,or all three of you,,,,I do paypal. Stan Kramien I would hang it in my office. Your dad waqs so proud of you the first time he brought you to abbotts,,I will never forget him bringing you in to the cafe. Karrel and I were there.

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Postby Guest » 12/01/07 01:53 PM

For those curious about Stan's Inquiry.

The promotion with a personalized autographed photo of the three of us includes a copy of 'chronology.' (autographed by yours truly) for $20.00 postage paid.

A great holiday thought for a magi lover.

Postby Guest » 12/01/07 03:47 PM

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