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Postby John Smetana » 10/28/02 11:00 AM

A great package for the restaurant worker or someone interested in getting into the business of restaurant magic. Here's what's in the package:

The Secret of Restaurant Magic by Eugene Burger

Coffee, Tea or Magic by Hudson and Brodahl

Magic Menu-Year Four-9/93-8/94-Sisti

Tips On Table Hopping- Kirk Charles

Cashing In With Close Up Restaurant Magic by Scott Hollingsworth

Out Of Your Pocket by Merlyn Shute

Working In Restaurants for Fun and Profit by Dan Fleshman
(NOTE: some of the books have certain passages underlined/ highlighted by me. This does not detract from the value of the information)

This consists of:
Acme Restaurant Video

How To Make A Living Performing In Restaurants- three (3) audio tapes in a library slipcase

Acme Restaurant Release Supplemental Print Materials(This slim book contains two great promotional ideas for use in family restaurants as well as sample posters/letters/etc.

(Please note that the Acme Release Package sold for $150.00 and may still be available from Flora for that amount)

There you have it..a college level course in Restaurant Magic. If you have your effects and routines honed and you want to get into this lucrative business this package belongs in your library.You can have it all for $150.00 plus postage. If interested please send me an e mail at:
Thanks and as always,

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