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Hi again folks:

Here are even more titles, again, nearly all on card magic, including some hard to find ones. Please look at the preliminary comments re book condition, grading and shipping in my GF first list, here: http://geniimagazine.com/forum/cgi-bin/ ... 4;t=006039

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There are still some good quality titles available.

With thanks again for your help in thinning the hoard! There is a bit more to come....


Benham, W. Gurney A Short History of Playing Cards. Gloucestershire, Auto-Trade Dept, nd. Limited edition. 55 pp. Illustrated boards, many colored plates inside. VG-. $15

Fitzkee, Dariel The Card Expert Entertains. Oakland, Magic Limited, 1978. 2nd printing. 171 pp. Blue cloth, neatly covered in adhesive plastic too bad, cause its a lovely copy otherwise! $12

Joseph, Eddie How Gamblers Win. 21 pp. mimeo. Good copy. $12

Joseph, Eddie More Dumbfounders with Cards. Colon, Abbotts, nd. 26 pp. mimeo. Wraps. G-. $9

Marlo, Ed Card Fan Productions. Chicago, Ireland Magic Company, 1941. 1st edition. 17 pp., mimeo, large format (8 x 11). Orange wraps. Some soiling and edge wear to wraps. Unlike later editions/printings, this very early Marlo title has black and white photographs, not line drawings as later used. G+. $22

Nikola, Louis The Nikola Card System. Bideford, Supreme Magic, nd. Facsimile reprint of the 1st edition, featuring Nikolas stacked card system. 71 pp. Wraps. NM. $12

Olson, Bob & Bob Pearce Sick Sorcery. Glen Ridge, New Jersey, Bobs Incorporated, 1961. 1st. edition. 48 pp. Orange wraps. With raving introductory and closing matter from the likes of Jay Marshall and Richard Himber, this little volume is one of the earliest books on shock magic, using cards, coins, rope, etc. Very interesting. NM. $12

Ortiz, Darwin Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table. Kaufman & Greenberg, 1988. 1st edition. 167 pp. Hb/dj. A practically new copy. Later printings were not issued with dust jackets. $58

Ortiz, Darwin Scams & Fantasies with Cards. A-1 MagicalMedia, 2002. 1st edition. 221 pp. Hb/dj. A practically new copy. $35

Osterlind, Richard The Breakthrough Card System. Oakland, Jeff Busby, 1983. 1st edition. 9 pp. Wraps. VG+. $9

Patton, Temple C. Card Tricks Anybody Can Do: A Mathematical Approach to Card Magic (Cover Title: Card Tricks Anyone Can Do). New York, Castle Books, 1968. 1st edition. 141 pp. Hb/dj. Dj price-clipped. NM/VG. $7

**Sharpe, Alton Expert Card Conjuring Part 1 with Expert Card Chicanery Part 2. Combined edition. New York, Tannen, 1976. 141 pp. and 67 pp. Yellow wraps. Spine lightly faded and rubbed, else VG. $24

**Sharpe, Alton Expert Card Mysteries. New York, Tannen, 1975. 1st edition. 195 pp. Blue wraps. VG-. $24

Simmons, Ken Cards with a Different Touch. Magic Methods, 1981. 1st edition. 57 pp. Tan wraps. Cirlox binding warped a bit, but no adverse effect to binding integrity. VG. $9

Simmons, Ken Close-Up with Cards. Published by the author, 1981. 1st edition. 64 pp. Wraps. VG-. $20

Simon, Bill (ed. by Jean Hugard) Effective Card Magic. New York, Louis Tannen, 1952. 1st edition. 181 pp. Orange cloth, glassine wrapper. Book is near mint, glassine wrapper, somewhat torn, chipped and browned. $32

16 Worlds Best Card Tricks That You Can Do. 10 pp. Wraps. Probably not the best tricks! Small anonymous promotional booklet. G. $5

Smith, Roger Revolutionary Card Compositions: Slow-Motion Ace Switch-a-Roo. Kansas City, Missouri, The Author, 1971. 1st edition. 8 pp. Pale blue wraps. G++. $10

Stanfield, John Nothing in My Hands. East Point, Georgia, The Author, 1954. 1st edition. 40 pp. Aqua wraps. Billiard balls, ropes, cards, coins, etc. VG+. $15

Stanley, Harry I Wouldnt Like to Play Cards with You. London, Harry Stanley, nd. 1st edition. 20 pp. White wraps lettered in green. Scarce. G+. $18

Stanley, Harry I Wouldnt Like to Play Cards with You. Bideford, Supreme edition, nd. 12 pp. Pink and white wraps. Scarce. VG. $15

Stanyon, Ellis Cards Tricks for Everyone. New York, Emerson Books, 1968. 1st edition thus. 141 pp. Hb/dj. NF/VG. Nice copy! $14

**Steele, W. F. (Rufus) (comp.) 50 Tricks You Can Do. Chicago, Rufus Steele, nd. 1st edition. 64 pp. Cream wraps. 50 card tricks with a borrowed deck from the best magicians of the day. VG-. $22

Swain, James 21st Century Card Magic. Tampa, Florida, The Author, 1998. 1st edition. 156 pp. Hb/dj. NM/VG+. $35

Taub, Jacob Card Treats: A Visual Manual on Some Card Sleights and a Text on Some Card Routines. Boston, Hank Lees Magic Factory, 1979. 1st edition. 84 pp. plus 9 large folding, 4-panel illustrated leaves, with dozens of line drawings. Unusual and profusely illustrated. VG. $25

Wass, Verrall Astound Your Audience Volume One: Cards. London, Verall Wass Publications, 1936. 1st edition. 95 pp. Pink cloth. NF. Nice copy! $22

Wass, Verrall Astound Your Audience Volume Two: Simplicity Swindles. London, Verall Wass Publications. 1st edition. 95 pp. Brown cloth. Imperfect copy some idiot cut out the title, dedication, and final printed leaves! but all content intact except for the last page. $5

Wehmans Book of 125 Card Tricks and Sleight of Hand. New York, Wehman Bros. nd. 86 pp. Yellow colorful wraps. Top and bottom fore-edges of pages chipped, but the cover is completely intact and retains its vivid color. Hard to find a pulp booklet in this condition. J. B. Findlay bookplate. $8

Weston, Mark Westons Ways with Cards. Bideford, Excalibur Productions Ltd [Supreme Magic?], 1994. 1st edition. 126 pp. Hb/dj. NF/NF. $28

Willane (ed.) Edward Victors Eleven Card Tricks. Surrey, Willane, nd. [ca. 1952 or earlier]. 1st edition. Yellow and green wraps. 10 pp. Volume 6 of the Methods for Miracles series. Covers somewhat soiled and worn, vertical crease at center of booklet. Contemporary note (Eddie Josephs?) on title page states that Eddie Joseph purchased this copy from Gene Gordons magic shop in October, 1952. Im told by card guys that this has an excellent routine. Like the saying goes, for something new, read something old! G-. $18

Wood, R. W. Forty Modern Card Tricks. London, Gerald G. Swan, nd. 1st edition. 100 pp. Burgundy cloth, gilt titling. Good copy of another one of those hard to find, obscure card books. $28
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Sold items removed. CHS
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