The Ectoplasmic Mentalism Device by John Riggs

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Postby Guest » 09/09/07 06:50 AM

As described by Mr. Riggs himself:

"This is a 3" x 4" leather notepad that allows you to peek a stolen torn center or switched billet right under the noses of the audience. I don't care if they're breathing down your neck, they won't see a thing. You don't have to turn away, have the info written twice, prepare anything etc.

Like everything else I make, I made this for ME to use in my professional capacity. I showed it to E. Raymond Carlyle and a couple of other pros and they asked, "How much?"

Not only can you peek the billet (and take your time doing it) but you can load a Pocket-Written billet into the inside front cover without opening it. The participant can open it and remove it. You can also use the EMD with a Swami, but that's obvious.

I have the little notepad inside specially cut to be the perfect size for both the center tear and billet switch. Included in the instructions are the handlings for my "Oops" maneuver, which makes the tearing process psychologically unimportant. Also very easily learned ways to open torn folded centers and billets with one hand."

This was an extremely limited release from 2003, originally selling for 50 dollars with wallet and manual. I'll letting the EMD, like new, go for 25 dollars including shipping in the US. PayPal only.

Bill Cushman
Pembroke Pines, FL

Postby Guest » 09/09/07 07:09 AM

I'll take it. Money sent.

David Alexander

Postby Guest » 09/09/07 07:45 AM

Sold to David!

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