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Postby Kurt Lee Flickner » 01/24/02 10:28 AM

Last year I purchased a massive collection of magic from an estate. I am
breaking down the items and cataloguing the items, and creating lists. It is
such a massive collection, that it will take me couple years to get thru it
all. My current plan to dispose of it, is to email (and I will only do it by
email, NO snail mail) out a list about twice a month of about 100 items per list. So far I have sent out 7 lists, and am currently working on list #8. By going to website you can see items that remain unsold.

Please understand, I have no idea what is in all the boxes, I do not have the
room to open them all, and lay stuff out, there is just way too much!!! So do
not ask for any particular items, I do not know what is in there. I will have
to open up a box or two, each week, list it, send the list out, and try to sell
most on the list before I open another couple boxes, and list them.

I can tell you, that it is a wide variety of stuff, the man who collected all
this, was not much of a performer, (most items are still packaged in original
wrapping, and unopened) some items he purchased in multiples @ wholesale and tried to sell to his friends, more he liked to collect. He was into magic for about
30 years, and he travelled to conventions all over the world, so there is some
unique stuff there, that I have not seen in my 35 years in magic, (and I owned
a magic store at one time). From the stuff that I have eyeballed, he did not
appreciate antiques, I have seen a little P&L or Thayer kinda stuff, but I have
seen Rings and Things, TENYO, Milson-Worth, Owen, Anverdi, Johnson & Schwarzman etc.

He collected books, close-up, and Platform, nothing too large, I believe
largest things I have seen were like Vienna Vanishing Stereo, a Head Twister,
Daggers thru head, so no large-LARGE Stage illusions. I have seen lots mental
and coin effects.

as far as who I am, reputation wise, many of you purchased items from me couple
years ago when I liquidated an estate, others may check me out on ebay for my
reputation, ebay ID is Magicalpro.

If you are local to me, I am sorry, I will not allow people to come to my home
and go thru stuff, there is no room, and I do not have the time to babysit,
while people search thru things.

Things that do not sell, will be listed on website at and eventually be listed on EBAY

If you are interested in recieveing the bi monthly list, send me your
email address.

Thank you
Kurt "Lee Curtis the Magical Wizard" Flickner
Morgan Hill, CA
Magic Estate Sale
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