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Postby Guest » 07/18/07 10:31 AM

Allan Ackerman's Advanced Card Control Series,
Vols. 3,5,7, plus The Las Vegas Card Expert video. All four videos from A-1 - $25.00 includes US postage

sold - Darwin Ortiz Cardshark - 3 volume video series, plus Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table vol. 1 - All four videos from A-1 - $25.00 includes US postage

sold - Juan Tamariz lessons in Magic 3 volume video series from A-1 - plus Bill Malone Tips Sam the Bellhop - - $25.00 includes US postage

Daryl's Card Revelations vols. 3,4 & 5 plus Daryl's Expert Rope Magic made easy vol. 8 (includes Daryl's Rope Routine). - All four videos from A-1 - $25.00 includes US postage

L&L Assortment - Martin Nash vol. 3 & 6, Harry Lorayne vol. 6, Dai Vernon's Secrets of Magic (Bruce Cervon w/ Vernon footage) - 4 tapes for $25.00 includes US Postage.

Card Assortment - Richard Turner the Cheat 2 volume set, A-1's Ed Marlo set of two tapes, and Richard Kaufman's Basic Card Technique. All 5 videos, $25.00 includes US Postage.

Contact me via direct email at markcards@gmail.com

Mark Phillips
11209 Ashley Drive
Rockville, MD 20852


Postby Guest » 07/18/07 07:16 PM

I sent you a message about the Tamariz videos.

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