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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/22/02 08:34 PM

This has been posted on several newsgroups by longtime collector Rhett Bryson:

I want to alert you about a person who is defrauding magicians on eBay

Including me, I know of 7 others who have purchased items from this fellow
and never received anything. The total is now over $600. He did almost all
of these deals just before Christmas and then has been able to string
people long with vaguely credible stories and excuses (including, in my
case, the story that my trick had been accidentally left in the trunk of
his wife's car during the rush to mail many packages at Christmas. I have
since learned, through Internet sleuthing (I found his listing for an
Internet dating service) that he was divorced - had no wife.) The negative
feedbacks all hit the eBay site about at the same time and as he had done a
good number of low cost purchased prior to the deception he pulled, we all
saw good feedback.

If you do purchase magic on eBay... be alert to "amishguy2" who shows his
location to be Freeport, OH. (I have found several addresses for him,
however. And one person who had ben cheated out of money by him attempted
to hav the police in Freeport locate him with no success.) His name is
Dennis Regling, and he uses the affectation of substituting the "!" for the
"i" in his first name (Denn!s).

The persons who were defrauded have begun actions to get him suspended from
eBay, filing fraud charges with eBay, filing Federal mail fraud charges
with the USPS - but all of this is slow and he is STILL listing items for
sale on eBay.

As a part of my "sleuthing", I was able to locate a web page for Dennis
Regling (turns out he runs a prison "ministry") and there was mention of
the church and pastor who sponsors him. After frustrating attempts to
locate Regling (including calling him and having him answer and deny he was
Regling - even though I had earlier heard his answering machine message and
it CLEARLY the same voice) I called the pastor. He was most interested in
hearing my story and offered to speak to the fellow. He did so and soon
after, Regling answered all of the negative feedback on eBay (continuing to
lie, incidentally about sending props or refunds for items he had sold that
had "become unavailable" ) and sent emails to several of those defrauded
saying that the refunds were being sent out.(I am pretty sure that IF I get
a check it will bounce higher than the newly restored Washington Monument.)

This man has never, in my opinion actually owned any of the props he
listed. I have downloaded all of the images from all of these fraud
instances and compared the images - they were taken with a variety of
cameras, in a variety of backgrounds and exhibit a variety of image
styles... clear to me that they were simply taken from the net and used as
bait. This is the most blatant case of serial fraud I have encountered on
eBay. I write this posting to warn others of this specific individual and
to remind us all to be vigilant. It is very difficult to anticipate this
sort of fraudulent activity. I have participated in hundreds of successful
transactions on eBay and had only two other instances of fraud perpetuated
by a seller. This is BY FAR the worst case I have encountered.

Rhett Bryson
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 02/23/02 07:43 AM

Thank you Richard for doing us all a valuable service and posting this.

I read of a similar eBay fraud scam (involving miniature collectables) where a fellow has apparently disappeared after collecting $200-400K from buyers for product he never had nor ever intended to ship.

Postby Guest » 03/05/02 03:34 PM

I feel terrible for you Richard, and the others that have been ripped-off. There are few things more painful than being a victim of crime.
I think this means that you can be almost 100% safe and buy from a dealer you trust. Like say "Richard Kaufman" if ya' wanna buy a book.
ebay is a big gamble if you ask me. I have heard far far far to many horror stories like the one Richard is telling.
I hope you find this puke and he gets whats coming to him.

Postby Guest » 03/08/02 03:12 PM

When I purchase from EBay I only use sellers that use paypal, as the way I understand it, it is easier to get money back, (but then I could be wrong).
:) :) :)

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