Complete Ron Bauer Private Studies Booklets

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An (almost) Complete "Private Studies" Series Package

#1. Gadabout Coins Revisited
#2. Sudden Death Gypsy Curse
#3. Tony Chaudhuri's Feminine Side
#4. Butch, Ringo & The Sheep
#5. Horn-Swoggled Again!
#6. Owed To Poker Dan (with gaffed cards)
#7. Dixie!
#8. The Cursed Ring
#9. Fair & Sloppy
#10. Left-Handed Hank
#11. Mechanical Deck
#12. Paul Chosse's Bar Bill Stunt
#13. Senator Crandall's Cut-Up Card Trick
#14. Four Squares and a Knot
#15. Siamese Goose Egg Bag
#16. Ed Marlo's Time Machine
#17. Second Finger Top Deal
#18. Xerox Money
#19. Milt Kort's All-Outs Think of a Card

#21. Brother Hamman's Finally Aces (with gaffed cards)

Don Alan's Devano Card Rise - By Ron Bauer
Basic Cups & Balls Technique - By Ron Bauer
Chick Trick (no wind-up toy included) - Ron Bauer

I am only selling this as a complete set.
Complete for $120 plus postage
(you choose how you would like it sent: General Delivery, UPS, etc.)

Payment by Paypal Only

Email me with any questions
416 698 7363

Bill Abbott

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