Jay Sankey (3 tapes - VHS)

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Three VHS tapes...

1. Short & Sweet - $10 (includes USPS media shipping with delivery confirmation)
Filmed in 1998, SHORT & SWEET gained an immediate reputation with the close-up underground thanks to such astonishing effects as "Housebound", "Mr. Clean Coins
Across" and "Scrunch!"
Presenting 17 mindblowing routines with creamers, coins, electrical tape, movie tickets, playing cards and safety pins, SHORT & SWEET features a truly wild variety of material.
Simple Division
Revolution Aces
Cash Flow
The Flick Production
All Together Now
Upper Crust
Mr. Clean Coins Across
Going Down
20th Century Fox
Three Times Lucky
Safety Feature

2. Sankey Very Much - $10 (includes USPS media shipping with delivery confirmation)
"Sankey Very Much" was taped in 1994 and features Jay at his off-the-wall, improvising best! Along with his side-splitting asides, Jay also demonstrates innovative sleights and an exciting collection of original close-up plots with cards, rubber bands, sugar packets, pool chalk and even band-aids! There's also some high-tech coin stuff that Jay had been keeping to himself for years!
Plastic Surgery
Some Assembly Required
Group Hypnosis
Joking Around
Empty Hands
Nickels to Dimes
Mark of the Devil
Are You Psychic?
The Hustler
Homing Band
Invisible Cash
Underhanded Coins Across
Amateur vs. Professional
Smuggler Aces
Sugar Rush

3. Nonstop Magic Party - $15 (includes USPS media shipping with delivery confirmation)

Amazing Magic Combined With Hilarious Comedy!

When it comes to combining ingenious sleight-of-hand with out-of-control comedy antics, nobody does it better than Jay Sankey! This 80 minute tape features 18 of Jay's coolest tricks including stuff with mints, playing cards, coins, dollar bills, thumb tips, matchbooks, pencils, rubber bands, flash paper, cigarettes, paperclips and much more! Includes:

No Jacket Required-A super-clean version of the "Open Travellers" concept, but performed with coins, not cards! The perfect introduction to a coins across routine.

The Messiah Coin Vanish-A borrowed coin vanishes and appears at your fingertips!

Unleaded-An ordinary rubber band melts through a borrowed pencil. Impromptu magic at its best!

*** All three tapes for $30, USPS priority shipping with delivery confirmation.


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On hold...
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