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Postby Guest » 03/21/06 08:14 AM

First, I apologize to those who had to wait for their "In Flight" decks, but the 100 units I did not send to the jobber and kept for sale sold out faster than I was prepared for. An update:

1) I have had more decks manufactured and they are in my possession.

2) I will continue the promotional discount that I started three weeks ago. You can purchase both "In Flight" AND "Heading North PLUS" from me for $45, DELIVERED in the US ($60 overseas).

Go to and click SPECIAL DEALS or Paypal mentioning the "Special Deal"

What are these products?

"In Flight" is my routine and special deck for The Tossed Out Deck effect. A deck is examined by a spectator and shuffled however he pleases, then the deck is rubber banded and sent out into the audience where three cards are peeked. The magician correctly identifies the peeked-at cards. There is no deck switch.

"Heading North PLUS" is an invisible gimmick that is made from an actual playing card that will rise a card from the deck. The instructions include the new routine "Rising Transpo": Two cards are selected. One rises from the deck, then is tabled. The second spectator now names his card, and a second card rises... but it's the first selection again . The tabled card is now turned over and shown to be the second selection - they have changed places. The set comes with two gimmicks - one red-backed and one blue-backed.

Both effects are made up in Bicycle backs.

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