Suspension & Levitations

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Postby Guest » 03/11/02 01:33 PM

Partner's health change has me selling:

1. Gwynne Suspension - Up to 190#s held in mid air.

2. Solid REAL Harbin Chair Suspension with both Children's and adult gimmicks - have used adults up to 190#....uses classic park chairs as seen in Bill Smith's version, but with full slats.

3. Gamalo LEVIATION. Portable, quiet and deceptive way to even levitate audience members.

4. Zainey Blainey Great White Hoop in case -- $350 with any of above -- $400 alone.

Call me AFTER 9:30 a.m until 10:30 p.m. MST daily at 520-299-0507 or e mail me at

Gregg Chmara

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