AUCTION NOTIFICATION: My Eighth Book List...Hard to Find Titles!

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Postby Guest » 06/22/05 11:19 AM

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Four 40-Year-Old Titles-Sold as a set only.
"Blackstone's Secrets of Magic"/Blackstone, Harry
"Cyclopedia of Magic"/Hay, Henry
"Magic as a Hobby"/Elliott, Bruce
"Magic and Magicians"/Severn, Bill
Ends Jun-28-05 17:00:00 PDT

"Thayer Quality Magic" Volumes 1-4/Gravatt, Glenn
Ends Jun-28-05 17:15:00 PDT

"David Roth's Expert Coin Magic"/Kaufman, Richard
Ends Jun-28-05 17:30:00 PDT

"Coin Magic"/Kaufman, Richard
Ends Jun-28-05 17:45:00 PDT

"Bertram on Sleight of Hand"/Bertram, Ross
Ends Jun-28-05 18:00:00 PDT

"Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram"/Bertram, Ross
Ends Jun-28-05 18:15:00 PDT

"Secrets Draun From Underground"/Kaufman, Richard
Ends Jun-28-05 18:30:00 PDT

"Ken Brooke's Magic Place"/Brahams, Anthony
Ends Jun-28-05 18:30:00 PDT

"The Magical World of Slydini" Two Volumes/Fulves, Karl
Ends Jun-28-05 18:45:00 PDT

"The Best of Slydini...and More" Two Volumes/Fulves, Karl
Ends Jun-28-05 19:00:00 PDT

Thank you for bidding, and good luck!
Frank Brown

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