Levitation Flaw Corrected--

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Postby Guest » 11/07/02 08:40 PM

The original drawback to the portable levitation by Gail Malonovsky has been the requirement to plug this portable baby into a wall when you get there...... It can lift 150 + pounds.

Sparing no expense I have modified this one to run free from plug inand to carry 180 pounds -- and down for more than 100 performances between charging the batteries. New DC approach to motors make this QUIET. Could be used Ren Faires --- out of doors. Charger and battery included in the newly rebuilt rig!

Since I have used this for a full circuit tour before I modified it on the upgrade.....I can tell you it gets ghasps when I levitate an audience member.

$2000 plus shipping takes it (less than new) --- unless I get a few more requests for it to be uinb the new show on the road again.....

Gregg Chmara

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