Ricky Jay's Cards as Weapons

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Postby walkinoats » 04/30/02 06:30 AM

Have seen this book listed at or around $300.00
I know that the book is out of print. Is there any plans for a second edition?
300 bucks is ridiculous. Is the book that good?
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Postby Oliver Corpuz » 04/30/02 06:44 AM

The original edition already was reprinted by Warner Books as a paperback, but those reprints are also long out of print and hard to find.

The book, while really funny and an interesting read, is not worth $300 to the average person. It is more humor and parody than anything else. What makes it so collectible is the fact that Ricky had a nude model demonstrate the grips and throwing techniques. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think there ever has been nudity in a magic book before. (If you can consider it a magic book). If you really want to learn how to throw cards, there are other sources in magic where you can learn this feat, but you won't get to see pictures of a nude model demonstrating how it is done. It is worth $300 to a hard core magic collector, but not anyone else. I would never sell mine.


Oliver Corpuz
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Postby Matthew Field » 04/30/02 08:52 AM

Originally posted by Oliver Corpuz:
To the best of my knowledge, I don't think there ever has been nudity in a magic book before.
One of the Alton Sharpe books and Peter Duffie's "Card Compulsions."

OK, those were only stylized 1920's drawings in the last one.

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Postby Guest » 04/30/02 09:50 AM

Ill pose for a reprint :D

Postby Stefano » 05/01/02 04:36 AM

If you are interested you can find in one old Playboy Magazine December 1977 additional colour pictures with Ricky Jay and a nude model very very funny ! (these are different from Cards as Weapons)

The title is "Card Tricks" how to win friends and influence blondes with a full deck or less.

Last but not least these does not cost you $ 300 ! :D

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