Top 10 Pet Peeves About the Genii Forum

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Top 10 Pet Peeves About the Genii Forum

Postby Guest » March 8th, 2003, 8:09 am

Hi All,
I hope you'll all take this in the spirit it is offered, fun.
Best wishes,


10. People who were never here before, join, and make their first post trying to sell something!

9. Posters who use the “originally posted by” feature to display a post which is already plainly shown immediately above!

8. Posters who see a thread progressing along and start a new thread on the exact thing we were already talking about!

7. The “Post a Poll” feature!

6. Typing your post, checking your post, correcting your post, posting your post, and then finding the typos!

5. Posters who don't answer the question a thread asks, and instead, attempt to be Eugene Burger!

4. The overuse of the phrases, “It seems to me”, “Hope this helps”, and “Just my two cents”!

3. Hearing about Richard going to the movies, watching movies, producing “Sexy Magic”, but being “too busy with Genii” to finish the Jennings books!

2. The new “blinking” yellow/white lamps…How sad is it to wait until its yellow, so that as we wait for the next page to come up, we can look at what topics we'll click next?!

And the number one pet peeve about the Genii Forum…

1. Any recurrence of “books vs. e books”!

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: Top 10 Pet Peeves About the Genii Forum

Postby Richard Kaufman » March 8th, 2003, 8:16 am

My pet peeve: people who post lists of pet peeves regarding projects that take a lot of my time.
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Jon Racherbaumer
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Re: Top 10 Pet Peeves About the Genii Forum

Postby Jon Racherbaumer » March 8th, 2003, 11:11 am

I stopped being peevish in 1988.

Now I'm simply cranky and not-so-simply peckish (not picky).

While I like Blaze's list, I soon was cranky that no reasons were attached.
A forum reminds me of Bughouse Square in Chicago: a place where contentious, impassioned, cranky voices are raised to create a din of the Great Conversation.


P.S. I now hear a Greek chorus peevishly yelling, "Hey! Enough what that 'onward' crap already!"

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Dustin Stinett
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Re: Top 10 Pet Peeves About the Genii Forum

Postby Dustin Stinett » March 8th, 2003, 11:30 am

I'm from the Michael Finney school of thought, which says, "I no longer have pet peeves: Now I have a big sack of s#!t that really pisses me off."


Dave Egleston
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Re: Top 10 Pet Peeves About the Genii Forum

Postby Dave Egleston » March 8th, 2003, 4:40 pm

There are several irritating post problems - - For instance - Quoting an ENTIRE previous posting rather than pertinent phrases when making or supporting a point

And I agree with John 100% - 1st post - Sales pitch -- ought to be a 20 post minimum before selling privilages are extended -


On the scale of things that piss me off - Genii Forum isn't even on the chart - Reading it is one of the highlights of my day

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