John Ramsey Books wanted

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Postby Brian Marks » 03/18/02 11:18 PM

I am looking for John Ramsey Books. Anyone willing to sell or tell me where to look?
Brian Marks
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Postby Eric Rose » 03/19/02 04:24 AM

Magic Inc had copies of The Ramsey Legend not too long ago. You may check with them.
Eric Rose
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Postby martinka » 03/19/02 07:18 AM

You'll find an original copy of Ramsay's Triple Restoration as well as a souvenir Ramsay thimble in the auction which is running this week. It closes on Sunday, March 24th.

Ted Bogusta
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Postby Joe Hanosek » 03/19/02 10:26 AM

Does anyone know how to contact Andrew Galloway?
Joe Hanosek
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Postby Jeremy Medows » 03/19/02 12:18 PM

Denny and Lee's sells the Ramsay book that Magic Inc. puts out. You can get it from It costs around 10 bucks.

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Jeremy Medows
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Postby Jerry Harrell » 03/19/02 02:40 PM

Brand new copies of Andrew Galloway's books on Ramsay can be purchased from Magic Books by Post in Bristol, England. Check their website at Nice folks, prompt service.
Jerry Harrell
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Postby Earle Oakes » 03/20/02 02:06 AM

If you have no luck with the various sources suggested I have the three
Galloway books,The Ramsay Legend,
The Ramsay Classics,The Ramsay Finale.
They are Hard Cover with Dust Jackets.
Also,Andrew Galloway wrote a small
book,Diverting Card Magic.It is dedicated to the memory of John Ramsay, who made it possible.It is
inscribed and signed by Mr.Galloway.
It is hard cover with Dust Jacket.
They are in excellent condition.
Earle (
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