Yigal Mesika's Exploding Light Bulb

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Yigal Mesika's Exploding Light

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The ultimate in psycho-kinetic effects - Yigal Mesika's Exploding Light Bulb! Remove a clear light bulb from a lamp (the lightbulb is ungimmicked...it can be borrowed). The light bulb is absolutely normal. It can even be lit when you remove it from the lamp. Hand the bulb to a spectator for examination. No trickery here.
Hold the bulb at your fingertips, in your outstretched hand (can be wearing short sleeves).

Concentrate. Suddenly, the light bulb explodes and shatters into little pieces!

The Exploding Light Bulb can be performed with spectators on stage.

There is no movement of your hand or fingers.

No jacket required. Do it in shirtsleeves.

A mind-shattering effect! Comes complete with incredible gimmick so tiny, you won't believe it.

This item is brand new, never used!

With over 530 positive feedbacks...bid with confidence!

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