The New Magic of Japan, Schneider books and 6 different wallets!

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Please note:
All prices include domestic shipping. International shipping is extra.
All books are First Editions.
All wallets come with routines.

Mullica Wallet. Brand New. $50.00. Retail is $70.

Roy Roth Bendix Bombshell Wallet. Mint. You can still smell the leather! $75. Retail is $90-$95.

Horwitz Card To Wallet. Brand New. All the action takes place in the spectators pocket not yours! No palming, no loading. No stress! Plus 5 additional routines for magicians and mentalists. $75. Retail is $90-$95.

Vintage Howie Schwarzman Wallet. This is a card-sized Z fold wallet that has a pass-through feature like the Bombshell wallet. Excellent condition. Brown, from Howard Schwarzman Limited Editions. $50.

Emerson and Wests Pocket Secret-ary. Mint. Zipper sealed compartment for loading a marked card, note, or message; will exchange a spectators playing card, business card or bill for your own while automatically vanishing his; can contain a complete 52 playing card billet index or ESP symbol billet index or anything in between. Comes with extra notepad. $50.

Seabrooks Wallet. Brand New. Comes with Terrys signature burnt-bill routine, but has many other uses. $50.

Zippered Hip OR Jacket Card To Wallet. This is the perfect mid-size leather card to wallet from England. Wallet measures 4.5 wide and 6.5 high. Gold colored metal accents on front corners. $35. Retail is $50.

The New Magic of Japan. Dust jacket and book in mint condition. $75

The Art of Eddie Joseph. Dust jacket and book in excellent condition. A classic from Supreme Magic. $45.

Al Schneider On Close Up. First Edition hardback from 1980. Mint condition, no dust jacket as issued. $125.

Al Schneider On Coins #23 and Signed! First Edition from 1980. Mint condition, softbound. $55.

Al Schneider On Coins not signed. Mint condition, softbound. $40.

Paypal only.

International buyers welcomed. Additional postage to be added.

Email to check availability. When I confirm the availability, payment is due at that time.

Thanks for looking.

Postby Guest » 09/26/06 02:25 PM

Bendix Bombshell wallet is sold!

Postby Guest » 09/29/06 04:25 PM

Horwitz wallet sold!

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